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    “Fall in line” is a good description for what might be happening this week. Talked about this some in my column this morning.

    While there are solid arguments for both playing and not playing, sometimes it’s just the weight of momentum of recent events that causes things to tip in a certain direction.


    Big 10 allows teams to open camps, practice, release a league schedule….and then cancels the damn season! Makes zero sense.


    I hope in this case there is no solidarity among the P5 conferences. I can’t picture the SEC ever voluntarily canceling football season.


    Looks like the SEC is trying to hold on and play, and trying to convince the ACC and Big 12 to do so.

    Would people still watch? I think so. There would probably be enough P5 or FCS schools left to play OOC if it was just those three, or maybe they could redo and get one game against a team from one of the other two P5s. Or just go conf only.

    One thing for sure – there’s no solidarity among leagues as was hoped for.


    If there is any semblance of a fall schedule it will be driven by the SEC.  B12 will follow.  ACC may be dragged kicking and screaming with some of the teams opting out.



    At what point are we going to say screw FB season and get to work on BB?


    I don’t see where basketball would be any different. If all fall sports are cancelled or pushed back to spring 2021, how can you play “winter” sports whose schedules actually start in Nov or Dec?



    If Big 12 decided to have their basketball season in the spring they could do conference only games and play each other 3 times for 27 games. I would watch it.


    Nov/Dec games could easily be condensed into 1 month.  Stare Jan 2 and instead of March Madness it would be April Madness.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)
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