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    OOC game thought.  Games in a bubble.

    IMO don’t limit it to 20 teams in a bubble.  Make it 15 +/- bubbles to handle the 350 (minus P12) teams that want to opt in.  NCAA to set schedules and destinations.

    Then there is the Conference games bubble.

    Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble.  Stir the pot and see what comes out.



    While these are some good ideas, I think they wold be hugely expensive. Paying for rent on facilities, quarantined housing (you’d have to have entire hotels), food, etc would be way more than current costs at home facilties.

    I have not seen budget numbers on any of these ideas, and don’t even know if they exist. But I would think they would be so large as to make these difficult to pull off on alarge scale.

    Now, for postseason tournaments and maybe the NCAA, I could see it.



    If schools are sending kids home from Thanksgiving thru the end of the year, the campus bubble could work.  Players could use their own facilities, housing, food, etc, and be confined to a limited space.  That is….. if they stay away from the bars.  There will still be a lot of students staying in town for one reason or other.  There will still be all the townies hanging around.  So the bubble isn’t all that secure.

    If they can keep the players secure, then there is again the problem with travel.  That’s another thing to worry about.

    This is still a mess.  Won’t feel comfortable till a vaccine hits the market.


    Another plus for the bubble idea for college basketball, at least at the Power 5 level, is that most if not all the players are going to be taking their classes this year online, so they can keep up with their work where ever they have a computer and internet access.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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