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    Let’s face the facts. If Sags, Esa or JC go down for more than a few games we are in deep trouble.

    If JC goes down, Beetle may be adequate at running the point but is no where near the defender and we have nobody else capable of giving him a breather. Putting Dax at PG makes sense but we still would have only 3 G’s total available. Would have to bring in Teddy at 2 for a few.

    West and Harris are manning the 3/4 OK now but when we get into B12 play they will most likely be the lesser of the F combo’s on the court in any given game if Esa goes down. Behind them there is only Teddy who is just now getting into the flow. Still little D, but can get a hot hand. Hunger just doesn’t show us anything.

    Let’s hope Sags can stay healthy and out of foul trouble. The latter is a crap shoot. Better bet is he gets tossed for F2’s. Behind him is a Euro stretch 4 that needs to find the guts to fight inside and a walk on that gets pt in blowouts. Neither is an adequate backup at this point. If Sags is out for a few we quite possibly see Esa/West/Harris on the floor for multiple mins.

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