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    Fail and a fail.


    Clipper apparently lives in an alternate reality.

    that coming to get yer guns ploy has worked on the weakminded for decades.


    It always amuses me when posters speak out about not being allowed to speak out.

    It’s, sniffle, not fair Rush.


    Yeah the weak-minded cultists want freedom from repercussions caused by their free speaking.


    Oh it will all be for the community good. Right westfork?


    Redistribution of wealth


    Socialism has failed every time it has been instituted. EVERY TIME.


    Right to see a doctor of your choice.  Pass on your hard earned belongings to your children.  Freedom of speech…… from sides that don’t agree with Socialism.


    Poor devils seem panicked about Biden.

    never mind the myriad of social programs already in place.

    capitalism is a crusher of humanity.

    the Chinese love to say that they will hang the capitalist with the rope he sold them


    Who gives a damn what the Chinese have to say. Their government unleashed a virus on the whole world.


    Virus is lab created and released in China by the US.

    talk about blowback


    I guess there are lots of definition  of socialism, here’s mine ( I like to keep things simple): The government makes the people willing to work pay an unfair amount of the fruits of their labor, in the form of taxes, so they can hand it out to the people unwilling to work.

    Someone commented that the youth aren’t afraid of socialism, baby rabbits aren’t afraid of copperheads either.  Today’s youth (in the most part) have grown up with everything handed to them, in a “everyone gets a trophy”world, they haven’t realized that one day they will go from the ones that are given to, to the ones that are taken from. I have a feeling when they do, their views on socialism will change. Funny thing is, by then, it will be too late.

    EDIT: Also, a lot of people like to point to Social Security ( I guess because of the word social) but not really, what you receive from SS is based on what you have earned throughout your working life, and payed into SS, so I don’t see that as an example of socialism.


    Nice post full of ignorance and outright lies.

    another example of being against yer own self interests.


    Be specific, Jack.  Exactly what lies?  Typical tactic of your side, deflect and then name call.  Point out exactly what lies Moonshine stated.


     “Be specific, Jack.  Exactly what lies?  Typical tactic of your side, deflect and then name call.  Point out exactly what lies Moonshine stated.”

    Name-calling, and claims without any proof, is just about the only thing the left has to offer.


    Moonshine, its all based on misplaced emotions not facts.



    it’s pretty easy to look of the definition of Socialism/Capitalism. But simply, ask yourself who should have control of most of your money, you or the government? Remember, it’s not only federal taxes, but state, local, property, sales, and probably some others I forgot, by then, you will probably be paying upper 80% of what you make. Not only money, but your life. Silly? remember in 2013 NYC soft drink size limit? After all it’s for you own good, right? How would feel if you walked into you local fast food store, and they tell you they can’t legally sell you a double cheeseburger and fries, and are only allowed to sell you a salad and small fruit drink? Go to the government run hospital and tell you you’re too old for that life saving procedure, and would just be a waste of the government’s money? Say you don’t need that 50 acre farm that has been in your family for many generations, take all but a small lot that your house is sitting on, be okay with that?  Crazy things that will never happen? perhaps, perhaps not, but my way of thinking is that once you tell the government you want them to decide how you should live your life, you are basically giving them a signed blank check.  For me, I don’t think so.






    I don’t have years to explain to brainwashed cultists about socialism and so called free stuff.

    free stuff like roads, fire dept, police, library, schools, FDIC, parks and yes Social Security is a social program.

    no free handouts like yer cultists like to lie about.

    the youth of today have not had everything handed to them and as a result they see the evil of unregulated capitalism. They have not been indoctrinated and brainwashed like the cultists here. They know the American Dream myth is BS.

    regulating the pop yer drink and other restrictions is hardly socialism.

    fact is the Trump totalitarian model is the one that will control yer every move.

    course yer halfwits will deny and produce smoke and mirrors while continuing to stupidly be against yer own and yer kids self interests.

    yer working class people cheering for the rich and corporations to take control.

    its a big club and yer not in it so why support it with all yer might?


    Here’s the first line I wrote: “it’s pretty easy to look of the definition of Socialism/Capitalism.” I guess I was wrong about that, I suppose it is hard for some people to look it up?


    Looking it up does not make yer an expert .

    like I said yer cultist cats will deny everything till it knocks on yer door.

    GI Bill a social program.

    yer guys are proudly ignorant of yer ignorance.

    or as one of yer demigods Donnie Rumsfeld said, it’s an unknown unknown.

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