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    Well done Moonshine.


    Post of the year?

    In just a few words Moonshine managed to parrot every vacuous right-wing talking point of the past 60 years. He even managed to toss in Sarah Palin’s death squad nonsense.

    Since I don’t have the time or the inclination to address his many flights of logical fantasy, I’ll just stand back and applaud. Well done, sir.


    So Clipper perhaps yer and ShineyDave can team up and produce a rational thought?

    yer know something besides cult lingo?

    something that ain’t bassackwards and notably peckerwoodish?


    It seems Jack, that every time someone writes something negative about the left, you reply and prove them correct.


    Son the only thing I am proving is that yer always coming from beyond far left field with these made up claims.

    buck up son and come out of the cultist cheap seats

    in other words the media yer repeating does not stand up to scrutiny and is exposed as pure hogwash and unAmerican.

    unfortunately many swallow the propaganda they hear and unwittingly repeat it.

    but, but, but it sounded so true when Hannity and Rush kept sayin it, it’s just the leftist commies starting trouble.


    Far left field? really?, probably more like right field wouldn’t you say? Funny, but your post almost exactly describes you. I could give you examples a mile long, but honestly, I’m too lazy this morning. I’ll just ask how many attempts have the left made, including the liberal media, against President Trump only to fall flat on their faces? Yeah, I agree, there is some swallowing of BS going on, but it’s not on this side.

    By the way, I am probably older than you, but if you want to call me son, that’s perfectly okay with me, I don’t get called that much anymore.


    Anything yer say, son.


    Is it okay if I refer to you as “CrabPappy?”


    Who’s yer daddy?



    I tell ya what old crab, when you get those half dozen or so mail in ballots from the DNC, don’t strain your tired old eyes, just give ’em to me, and I’ll fill them out and mail them back for you okay?


    Son I will get about two dozen and yer getting zero.

    eat yer heart out son.


    If the democrats have their way, I am sure you will. The only way a democrat can win an election is to cheat, or otherwise try to steal it.


    Just offhand can Yer name one example of Democrats stealing an election?


    I am going to do you the same way you do everyone else, you got a computer, look it up Hint: Al Gore/George Bush (unsuccessful) Hillary Clinton/ Donald Trump (unsuccessful)


    Nice view from an alternate reality. I realize the true reality is tough for yer so yer spend little time there.

Viewing 16 posts - 41 through 56 (of 56 total)
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Home Page forums Politics & Religion BLM, careful what you ask for….