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    Where have we been and where are we!?
    For some reason, the thousands of death by flu each year
    in the nation has not been declared a problem by anyone!
    Why not? So, why then should coronavirus be ?
    As a perspective of the effect on the nation between diseases, theflu and coronavirus, might be done by doing the following:
    Chart the affects of cases and deaths by state for each of thediseases. For flu, the past year or multiple year’s average. Forcoronavirus, this year cases and deaths to this point in timewith an ongoing “best projection” out to multiple points in thefuture. As testing and other factors become more prevalentthese results would be incorporated into the “best projection”calculation formula. Could be weekly, monthly or other basis.
    More in depth analysis by age, sex and other criteria would
    provide additional base data to interpret.
    This process would, in effect, provide insight into the decisionas to if and when to “open up” individual states or areas of thenation as well as giving valuable other information for otherdecisions to be made!

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