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    With this from the NCAA …..  “If there is a season, the College Football Playoff will take place as scheduled. The CFP Selection Committee will consider only the 76 teams set to play this fall, Hancock said. Those include teams from the ACC, BIg 12, SEC, American, Conference USA and Sun Belt, along with a few independents.”  …..  Took this from Kevin’s Around the Web link.

    Could we see a change of heart from the B1G and P12?  Hurry up and put together a schedule.  They still have time but it is running out fast. Would Nebraska and PSU break from the pack and say we are going INDY this year?


    That would be tough. If they have discontinued any contact practices, whch I assume they have, they have to go back through the acclimation, reset more stringent testing, etc. Not to mention all the logistics of putting the games on.

    Kind of like a train or a ship. Once they get stopped, takes a lot to get them moving again, and that usually doesn’t happen quickly.

    No school in either league can declare they are playing as an independent for one year only. TV grant of rights alone kills that. And who would they play?


    Not sure why Hancock chuckled when asked who was in and who was out in reference to the CFP series? Was the insinuation that the Big10 and PAC12 “made their own bed” with their decision to postpone (or cancel) their seasons due to concern for player safety and inline with their medical advisors? The implication is that the NCAA was going to have a championship series in a fall timeframe, so “take it or leave it” not withstanding your concerns about safety! It smacks of “you are wrong” Big10 and PAC12, and we are right! It begs the question, exactly why is it so important to have a CFP in a time frame as scheduled? Or why one at all, when probably a few of the main contenders are left out? And probably the only teams that would provide the likely playoff team contenders of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Clemson, etc.a challenge. Maybe if we’re lucky it will be an all SEC tournament!? They could almost play it before the season starts!


    Just a thought, but Nebraska was on that track early on till the B1G bent them over.  Who would they play?  G5’s and Indy’s.  Some D1-AA schools looking for games.

    Tough to pull off now, agreed.  But there is always a way if they work at it.  Won’t get any conference money, but could do some local deals with local TV and other media venues.

    Franklin at PSU was livid when he was interviewed last week on a Pgh radio station.  Don’t blame him.  B1G made a mess of things.  Some of the AD’s didn’t even think there was a vote.



    No, schools cannot do local deals with local TV and other media venues. Every school in every P5 conference has a signed full grant of their TB\broadcast\streaming media rights over to their respective conference. That’s the one thing that holds conferences together. The conference makes all of the media deals. Schools cannot do any of that on their own.


    Equivalent to five different shotgun weddings.  The members are held together because each of the other members are holding the shotgun on them to make sure the commitment is consumated.


    Hey MI, Thought I was old!😜
    Thought “Shotgun Weddings” went out with Sex Ed in schools.
    It’s ironic that I can watch live high school games with teams that have no protocols for safety and full schedules but can’t watch a WVU game , or maybe more, due to red tape rules that were litigated by groups of people playing the “CYA” game. Are college kids more important than high school kids? Or is it that any blame is more critical at the college level?


    Kevin, With the problems that COVID did to the schedule, TV, advertising, there are ways out of a contract for one year.  This is not normal times.  94.7TheFan had a piece about PSU looking into doing a rogue schedule and possibly lawyering up to fight the B1G.  Moos at Nebraska as late as 8/5 was reported to looking into going on their own if the B1G closed it down.  He was subsequently muzzled.   Even as of yesterday there are family groups rallying to start the season this fall and wanting clear information on how and why the decision was made.

    Will it be done?  No, I seriously doubt it.  Can it be done?  Maybe, anything is possible.  Would there be major law suits if it is done.  Absolutely and it would drag out for years. B1G players and families and coaches are livid.

    This decision has long term ramifications.  How do you prepare for the 2021 season.  Spring practice?  Spring game?  NFL combines?  Will there be players that are looking at the 2021 NFL draft sitting out the winter/spring season because they can’t prepare or work out for scouts while the season is going on?



    Tony, don’t know what HS games you are referring to, but in WV only immediate household family members can attend games, and counties that have higer levels of infections can’t play at all. Those can change from week to week, but right now Kanawah County, where Charleston is located, can’t play.

    Maryland isn’t playing. Virginia isn’t playing. California isn’t playing.

    What HS are you referring to?



    Yes, anyone can sue anyone over anything. But there are two realities that dominate any far-fetched thoughts of a small media outlet trying to be edgy.

    1. No lawsuit would be resolved in time to play games this fall. As you admit, it would stretch out for years.
    2. The damage that a school would do in suing its conference leadership (which might not be accepted in court anyway, as the conference IS the member schools, and you can’t sue yourself) would be incalculable. That school would be a pariah for several years to come.

    Kevin – in my drinking days, I would have definitely given “shotgun wedding” the old 12 pack test.

    As to the legal ramifications of a Nebraska or a PSU going rogue, their legal staff is undoubtedly looking into any excused performance language in their league contracts as well as in their grant of rights contracts.  Not being a lawyer, I don’t know that such language exists in those contracts, but being a businessman I do know that I would be guilty of malfeasance if I didn’t insert such language into contracts that I am involved with.


    KK Don’t know if you get wtov9 in Ohio but there’s a game on tonite at 7 pm, LIVE! Replay of other game on Friday night. Ohio teams only!


    Brings up another point! Will there be any possibility of a replay of WVU games not on tv?


    How could you miss Ohio with all the recruits were getting there?🙄



    I only listed some of  those states not playing football in response to your statement: “It’s ironic that I can watch live high school games with teams that have no protocols for safety”

    Ohio is playing, so I didn’t list it. However, it also has many safety protocols in place, so that doesn’t fit your statement either.

    For example: “Spectators will be limited to a small number of family members or people close to an athlete. Each school will determine whether or not to allow other related groups such as marching bands or cheerleaders to attend competitions.”

    Ohio is also only playing six regular season games this year, and will conclude its playoffs on Nov. 21.


    Brings up another point! Will there be any possibility of a replay of WVU games not on tv?

    Every WVU game will be on available for viewing in some form. The majority will be on either ESPN or Fox traditional outlets.

    At least one game will be on ESPN+. That will be a WVU home game. It’s possible that a WVU road game might also be on ESPN+, as each league team other than Texas and OU have one home game that has to be on that service.

    No schedule for those games yet.

    Note that games on ESPN+ remain up for viewing for a month.


    Didn’t mean to rustle any feathers!
    Just kidding about the Ohio slight!
    Columbus station is airing a big school game live tonight. You’re right, there are safety protocols and limitations to these games.

    May be wrong, but WVU games not aired on ESPN+ or other networks were not replayed on ESPN! Last year!?


    I believe that any games on ATTSports were replayed but IIRC they are out of the picture this year.


    “Ohio is also only playing six regular season games this year, and will conclude its playoffs on Nov. 21.”

    Slight correction, teams have a minimum schedule of 6 games before they are all in the playoffs. They can schedule more games in cases where they lose early but the concenses is most teams will not take this option!
    I’m sure you probably knew this but just wanted to point it out to others not aware.

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