COVID-19 Threat To Close WVU, Athletics In Question

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    COVID-19 Threat To Close WVU, Athletics In Question West Virginia University president E.Gordon Gee announced the imminent closure of the State’s flag
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    I’m sorry but this country is going flipping stupid.  We already know the steps we should take to mitigate this, no different than mitigating any other virus.  Guess we are only happy if we have something to get hysterical about.


    This virus sprung up without much warning outside of a few folks in the scientific community who normally keep an eye on such things.  While data are beginning to suggest this virus is not much more deadly than the flu, it does  appear to be more infectious which will mean a higher number of  fatalities if the spread is not mitigated.

    Some institutions and conferences have seemed to over react, but at this stage who can second guess?  The fatalities seem to be more among the elderly and those with respiratory problems.  The young, particularly the healthy and fit college athlete would probably be able to overcome a potential infection.

    Spring sports moving to the outdoors may also lessen the chance of spread.


    From what I’ve been told, it’s very unlikely the Mountaineers will resume spring football practice on March 24, as currently scheduled, if the rest of the University is shutdown in terms of in-person classes that week. Neal Brown’s club will continue to practice for the next few days, but after spring break (March 14-22), it will probably not get back to a normal practice schedule until WVU resumes normal operations. WVU athletic officials are meeting today to decide the course of action for not only spring football practice but all other varsity sports currently in competition.


    The disease in China is now abating! The main reason is because of
    the massive shutdown ordered in all activities involving crowds!
    The flu death rate of .1% compared to 2 3% of coronavirus. Flu deaths
    of 20,000 or more a year tells us that many more millions have
    been infected by the flu, up to this date!!! Experts say that, unless steps are taken, there will be multiple jumps in the infections of
    the virus, thus driving up the death count. It’s a fact!
    The steps needed appear to be individual precautions and the
    elimination of propensity of infection opportunities in the form
    of mass crowd gatherings of any and all kinds!
    Will it be a decision between monetary or health benefits?
    What will the NCAA and/or individual conferences do!
    OHio has declared a state of emergency where the Governor
    has called for a cancellation of crowd events! With Dayton and
    Cleveland as sites for the tournament, what will happen?


    I am not sure how much I trust information coming out of China and it is not due to political views.

    However, if true it would give some direction on how to stop the spread.

    Tony Fauci gave the same advice to Congress today as reported by the Washington Post.


    On a personal note, I would hate to see the cancellation of the upcoming WVU sporting events since I am due to cover the Big 12 gymnastics tournament and WVU baseball season.


    All NCAA Championship Events to take place without fans

    Breaking: NCAA president Mark Emmert has announced that all championship events, including the Division I men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, will take place with only essential staff and limited family in attendance.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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