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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — So much for building character. It’s hard to imagine, with as much emphasis West Virginia football coach Neal Brown has placed on
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    Borderline unreadable


    Bob, you are a journalist. Right? SPORTS. JOURNALIST.

    You are repeating utter nonsense such as this:

    “We’re dealing with sickness and with social injustice and a movement against police brutality, so much wrong with the world in which we live that the athletes and the like must be above such things.”

    Yes, isn’t easy to go along with the hive minded? Will anyone show some courage? ANYONE!?







    Deadlines, you know!
    Had to get something out!
    The actions of the suspended players on the sidelines didn’t follow the narrative of the story?
    No big deal though !


    Fair piece until perhaps the worst journalist covering WVU sports decided to go editorial.

    Report facts Bob, as we’ve seen for tha past 20 years that proves difficult enough for you. Just try to perfect facts.

    Your opinion means little, if that.

    Many of us are old and unreceptive to a fair amount of the agenda attaching to unfortunate (perhaps) incidents that happen throughout this country on all sides.

    We need healing, we need a uniting voice.

    Beginng centuries ago do you know what sports has provided? Yes a respite, a break, a time of relaxing passion resulting in joy or heartbreak but a time we ESCAPE all else.

    If today’s athletes don’t get that… it’s on them, they will lose millions of followers.

    If today’s entertainers do not understand and puch their agenda… they stand to lose.

    I do not pretend to believe my voice is any more important than the next. None of us should. That’s America. Period.

    I could go on for hours but the point is… keep the BS out of it. Whether I agree with you or not, that’s not why I’m here and espousing such views turn me off immediately.

    You’re a poor enough journalist without trying to be Bob Woodward. Stop.

    I have called for your removal from BGN before based on talent/quality. Must I do it again based on political BS?

    Lets Go Mountaineers! Period. Full Stop.


    As Howard Cossell put it:

    “Sports is the toy department of human life”!


    Can’t we just talk sports.  Sports writers don’t write op-ed columns for a reason.  We don’t read op-ed columns in the sports section.  Doesn’t work for Bob.  Doesn’t work for Kevin.  Doesn’t work for Greg.

    If you want to write about the social injustices  that have been going on in this world for the last 3000+ years….. yes more than 3 Thousand Years …… let’s take it to the PR board.


    Sports writers have been writing op-ed columns for decades. If you don’t think that works, that’s your op-ed, and certainly fine.

    I would say some of you missed the point. It wasn’t about their protests. It was about the disappointment of them not being responsible in a time when doing so is even more important.


    It would have been different if the main point about personal responsibility and commitment to the team were much more highlighted, but it veered off to social justice way too early and way too often.

    BGN posters disappointment in Bob’s op-ed is justified.  This wasn’t a sports piece.  And no, we didn’t miss the main point.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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