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    A few highlights of the WVU-EKU game were shown on the ESPN Final show towards the end, I’m guessing courtesy of Joey Galoway.
    Big12 was covered earlier in the show with comments like, “watching the Big12 today only confirms that the Big12 is a 2 team race”. Made by the host. Don’t know him. After the late highlights, Joey made a statement like, “Watch out for West Virginia” and chided the host for his earlier prediction.
    Also, Addae’s interception was one of the 5 highlights of the day recognized on the program.


    A little too early to be overly positive but it’s a damn good sign that there was a rushing game and potentially a decent defense to face the remainder of the schedule.  We have to wait to see what magic Brown has in his second year.

    That said, I’m optimistic even after Eastern Kentucky who showed second game improvements.


    We’re always anxious to look at the first game, and then usually there has to be some tempering of our evaluations based on the opponent.

    That said, I agree there’s a lot of room for optimism here. I’m not ready to proclaim a march on the league title, but there was just a better overal feel of flow and continuity to the offense.


    It’s not is if the opportunity is far off.


    Unless Ok St proves to be the Big12 playoff representative, then they aren’t virtually unbeatable. Is it time to expect a big upset? No, but I don’t think it’s entirely off the table either.


    My primary concern is the inabilty to stretch the field. Its not that we don’t have the receivers to do it, we do but Doege’s long passing is not very good.

    Up to 25 yards or so he appears to be quite accurate but beyond that he struggles with every aspect of the throw… Trajectory, direction and length. I just don’t see this magically improving and a team that cannot stretch the field a bit had better be elite at everythung else and we obviously are not. Hope I am wrong and he gets better but i see this as a major issue going forward.


    WVU seems more focused and consistent. Weak opponent but also 2nd & 3rd string QBs each got a full quarter of actions. And probably many other non-starters. That will pay off down the road.


    Mex, I wouldn’t give up on Doege’s long ball yet.  He looked pretty good with the shots 15-25 yds down field.  Of his 5 inc’s, I don’t recall one that was way off the mark down field.  Granted, he’s not Will Grier, but we havn’t had someone like him …. or his main receivers …. in years.



    15-25 isn’t stretching a defense and thus easy to scheme against.

    When you get beyond 25 then that changes defensive calls. If you cannot… well… good luck against talented teams.

    Every pass 25+ he struggles with as noted, directional, distance and trajectory.

    If he had those throws the middle game would open, as it is they will take their chances and win 90% of the time.


    Let’s hope Neal lets him open it up a little more.  Mex, you may be right taking a look at what Doege did last year.  Little more experience.  Little more time to work with and get comfortable with receivers.  Little more confidence that the OL can protect him and give him time to make the throws.  Will Grier he’s not.  Let’s give him a little time to show us what he can do.  I’m not yet ready to concede he’s not what we need to open up the field a little more.


    Interesting debate.  I confess that I too thought Doege’s deep throws had issues, but I didn’t get as granular in my observation like Mex.  However, thinking back on it and what I saw last year from Doege, Mex has a solid argument here.  We are going to be challenged to stretch the field this year.

    The question now becomes are there other ways to stretch the field?  I don’t see an obvious answer to that, but I leave it out there for discussion.


    IMO the problems we had last year all stemmed from the inability of the OL to do anything with the ground game.  NO respect at all on the ground because our guys just couldn’t move anybody off the ball.  That opened up the opposing D to go downhill at us in the passing game.  Doege had little time to let his receivers run their routs to completion.  And if they did get a step downfield there was always someone in Doege’s face.

    Even losing the 2 best OL to graduation our OL will be better.  How much better is yet to be seen, but it HAS to get better.  I wouldn’t put all of the problems with Doege’s downfield game on him.  That’s not saying that Doege is the next savior, you have to give him time to get the ball out of his hand.  Even Brady would have problems behind our OL last year.


    He certainly dropped one in over Esdale to win at TCU.  How quickly we forget.

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