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    After falling behind 10-0, West Virginia’s defense threw a shutout and its offense eventually got into gear, as the Mountaineers pushed past Kansas 38
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    It was Kansas, so can’t gush too much.  But they did what they needed to do, played with great effort, and their one on one tackling was very good.  Missed a few tackles in traffic, that is going to happen some to every team.  Too bad that tipped pass went right to the receiver.  It happens, but not often.  Lastly, it looks like we play very disciplined assignment football, meaning you complete your assignment before free lancing.  It is a trait all really good defenses have.


    I think the defense and offense grades are accurate.

    I think I’d struggle to give the special teams above a C given a KO return TD and the penalties.   With our strong defense and issues scoring giving up a TD on special tasks would cost us a game against an average team.

    I don’t think I can give the coaches an above average grade with the consistent issues we see with penalties.  I do agree the defensive coaches had them ready to go, but our offense was not ready to play until the second half.   Its the Leddie Brown show.  Even given talent limitations at other positions I can’t reconcile the lack of effort, energy,  and constant mistakes (on offense).

    Overall it was better than last week at least,  but that might just be the opponent.   We need to utilize Brown more.   Some drives its fine but others we just pass constantly.   I really hope our plan isn’t to be a pass heavy team that relies on big plays.


    Just to be clear not criticizing your grades Greg.  I think they’re fair and well thought out,  just offering my alternative opinion in a few areas for discussion.


    Can’t disagree with the grades.  ST maybe a little high along with coaching.

    Got a little antsy when we went down 10-0.  Frustrated on the KO return for a TD.

    Surprising that Doege hit 4 for over 20 and showed that he can thro at least the decent ball over 20.  First half 13-27 was concerning although he had 2 TD’s.

    All the drops have to stop.  Get those boys some good gloves.

    OL coming along with run blocking ….. or is it just Leddie?

    We have to find a backup to Leddie.  Should have given him another carry to get to 200.

    Overall a very good game but let’s not get too excited.  It’s Kansas.

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