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    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Huggins keeps trying to make a certain player on this team fit a position that doesn’t suit their attributes.

    Post game interview Huggins claimed this team cannot grind it out because it is inexperienced (averaging 1.2 years experience) and said Logan Routt shouldn’t count towards that because he doesn’t play much… then he went on to say Harler and Haley don’t play that much either.  That’s not true, those two seniors have been getting lots of minutes this year.

    Furthermore, they’re both employed as 2’s by Huggins.  Pay attention to our offensive droughts this year; a lot of times Haley is in the game as a very hesitant passer which essentially handcuffs the point guard forced to play with him.  Haley is not a 2 and he leads all guards on this team in turnovers!

    Huggins also said McBride isn’t a true point guard and neither is Knapper… then let McBride start at the 2G with McCabe at the point… he is much more athletic than Haley, has better skill passing and shooting, and his above the rim game is better.  Haley is just a big body who can rebound, drive, and sometimes create size mismatches.  This team needs a real spark that makes everyone on the court play better… Haley will win one-on-one, but McBride is the guy who can make the whole team better.

    Lastly, Osabuohien works really well (as a 4) dishing the ball to Tsheibwe (the 5)… why not see if we can pair bigs who have the best chemistry together? (Osabuohien/Tsheibwe and Haley/Culver). This would help with foul trouble and create better offensive continuity.

    Something needs to change.


    Oscar’s simple explanation says it best: we need better ball movement to create a free shot.  You get that with true guards in the game who can spread out the defense because it has to respect their perimeter shooting.

    Guards we have who can do this:

    McCabe, McBride, Harler, McNeil, Sherman, and sometimes Knapper

    Guards who can’t:


    Forwards who can do this:



    X A LENT points 86


    When ALL THREE point guards combine for NINE turnovers and NO assists against Kansas it’s tough to blame Huggins.
    1 freshmen and 3 sophomores started the game for WVU. And we’re 18-6 with the youngest team in the Big 12 and one of the 5 youngest teams in college basketball, playing in the Big 12 which routinely this season has had had four teams in the Top 25.

    I think we should be praising Huggins for being 18-6 instead of blaming him for freshmen and sophomores not playing like seniors and juniors on the other teams.

    Man up, beat #1 Baylor and everyone will jump back on the bandwagon. It’s the nature of sports fans.


    Excuses, excuses, excuses….. Yes, we are a young team but there are young teams year after year that make big runs.  Just ask Cal.


    The season is far enough along……the “young team” excuse is mute


    We are what we are … have shown that we are poor shooters, ball handlers and passers…. not sure that can change this year although I have no explanation for such poor shooting. Our strengths are defense and rebounding … we have to ride that out for rest of year.

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