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    What’s the story behind the reason that he transferred ?


    I heard there were differences of opinion on how to manage his injury.


    cc, That is our understanding as well. Without question HCNB did not want to get into any extended discussion of that, saying only that he wished him success in all games except the upcoming one.


    Remarked earlier in another thread about how Sills seemed to be “sleep walking” and playing with little motivation in the Tulsa game. Maybe the description should have been “tentative “? Makes you wonder how well he’s healed? Was he favoring the injury? How much might he play this week? How awkward will it be for the WVU defensive guys, maybe subconsciously, knowing his injury? And what are both coaches thinking?


    Tough to make that judgment on the injury. However, as we’ve seen on WVU offensive lines over the years, knowing what everyone else is doing is a key point in seamless play, and OSU had none of that against Tulsa. Guys were moving in and out at different spots, and nine different OLs played. That is a killer for continuity, and could well contribute to being tentative.




    Is this his final year of eligibility?


    No. With 2020 being a non-countable year in terms of eligibility, he could return in 2021.

    2016 Redshirted
    2017 RS Freshman
    2018 RS Soph
    2019 RS junior but played in jsut two games
    2020 OSU RS Senior, but this year does not count against eligibility


    So maybe he’ll be back?😜


    The genius of Brown to plant a disruptive measure in the opposing team!? Who would have imagined it?🙄


    Once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer ??????

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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