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    Did not look good at all in their W over Tulsa.


    So, if WVU is 10 points better than Tulsa then the Mountaineers have a shot against Oklahoma State. Looks less fearful than it did before the Tulsa game.


    If we are one point better than Ok state thatbwill work. We will never know how we would stack up against the mighty Golden Hurricane


    Of course, Mex knows very well that Week 1 to Week 2 can be similar to an entirely new season. Sure, it would be great if we find out that WVU has a little something going by beating Ok St on the road, but don’t be fooled into believing that those “other guys” won’t be expecting way more from themselves on 9/26. Make no mistake, WVU at 2-0 would be a very big deal and anyone in the media or on a message board trying to downplay it is completely clueless.


    Beating OSU on the road would be a huge win. However (and I will be beating this drum this week) the Cowboy team we saw vs. Tulsa was severely hampered by the absence of Spencer Sanders for much of the game and the mysterious lack of usage of Tylan Wallace, who was on the sideline for several series.

    This was a mirror of WVU’s game against the Pokes last year, when both Sanders and Wallace were out. Yet, OSU still got the road win. We think WVU is better, but is that enough if Sanders and Wallace are 100% available?


    This OSU game will be a very good “measuring stick” (yea, I hate that over-used phrase as well) for HCNB and his young squad.  After all the crap this year; we’re lucky to be playing at all.  Yet, if this team can find a way to over achieve and get the road win we will be swinging from lampposts (as Don used to say)!  This game may come down to one or two big plays – thinking + + + thoughts for sure!!!


    Just wondering what effect Sills will have on the game? Can his knowledge of our offense give them any kind of edge? He appeared to be sleep walking against Tulsa. His effort level was minimal but how will he react this week?


    Lets not confuse the ’20 WVU team with the ’19 WVU team when talking about an OSU matchup.  We are much better on the OL even though we lost our two best T’s.  Doege has more experience.  DL and LB are better and deeper.  Even losing our two starting CB’s we seem to be stable there.


    From a strategic standpoint, I don’t know that Sills’ presence at OSU can help them a lot. Now, he does know all the line calls and terminology from last year, and could teach some of that to the defensive line. That’s something that would have to be quickly recognized and acted on, so maybe some of that gets tweaked a little?

    I’ll ask about that.


    The talking heads sure jumped off OSU wagon and calling for WVU to beat them.


    Which is a red flag if there ever was one.  I’d prefer that they be loving on OkSt and forgetting about us.


    Talking heads are always right ✅ 😏


    I tend to never look at a team one week to the next this early in the season.  Lots of crap to work out game 1, WVU got to play a doormat, and Tulsa is no slouch.

    Oklahoma State is 8.5 favorites and the O/U is 52.  I expect OSU offense to show up and our secondary will be tested significantly.  Hopefully our Stills attack forces a lot of errant throws and causes major disruption or OSU will have a field day with their air attack.

    Can WVU continue to run the ball again ?


    WVU 23 OSU 0


    People are underestimating OSU.

    OSU defense was scarier than their offense. WVU WR better come to play.

    I remember people on here saying how bad we were going to beat Missouri because they lost to Wyoming.

    How’d that game turn out?

    There are still more questions about WVU that have yet to be answered. EKU was the worst team to come to Morgantown since 2001 Rutgers.

    Got some game film at least from the EKUgame at least and can work with that. But we really are still a bit of a mystery.

    OSU offense surprised me how bad they we’re. More than likely had a lot to do with being first game and losing their starter with the backup not rally being any good.

    The biggest surprise was OSU defense and how physical they were. Especially their corners. WVU wr’s better be ready for that.

    Hopefully WVU D-line can equal out our Corner play by getting pressure.

    I didn’t think this game was winnable at first of the year. But I think WVU has a better shot at it now. Doesn’t mean we will win but we do have a chance.


    I agree Allen, there is a chance WVU will win, I don’t think it’s likely but we definitely stand a better chance against QB#2 than we would have before.  I do love their throwback uniforms they are wearing this week, honoring Thurman Thomas will definitely pump them up


    We only need to look back at the ’19 Missouri game to see the difference in a team from game 1 to game 2.


    This seems like as good a thread as any to make this post.

    Sanders was to be in a boot until Tuesday, then on the practice field on Wednesday.

    This is Thursday but I have not seen any news how Wednesday went for Sanders.  Anyone else stumbled across any info/reports on how that went?  It may be out there, I just haven’t managed to find it.


    I imagine Grundy and crew will keep info regarding Sander’s health close to the vest.

    Be super surprised if everyone (including WVU coaches & program) was not kept in the dark until kick off.


    Even if he plays his running may be limited


    I prescribe a double dose of Stills.  That’ll cure his ankle.  🙂

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