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    This is the best ranked recruiting class I’ve seen in years. No 5* recruits, but overall some very solid players that can fit well into our system. We’ve even concentrated on the DL for the first time since RR took over.

    BUT …… We are still WAY far behind at depth in the trenches. Every year we seem to be behind in getting our numbers up on both sides of the line. For whatever reason, there is always a year or two that we fail to fill the gaps and this puts us behind for the next few years. Many of the better programs have upwards of 20 OL and 15-20 DL on their roster. We are never close to those numbers. Take for example schollie players on a few teams.
    tOSU — 20 OL, 14 DL
    OKlahoma — 19 OL, 17 DL
    Clemson — 18 OL, 19 DL
    WVU — 13 OL, 13 DL (To DH’s credit, this is a increase from years past)

    The difference here may seem little to some of you, but that’s a whole year’s recruiting class difference. A class that could be RS’d and gain valuable experience and hit the weight room for another year.

    Ask any coach and he’ll tell you the game is won and lost in the trenches. Hmmmmm. Top teams seem to have this figured out. RR set the tone for recruiting skill players and not worying about both sides of the line when he came here. There were years where we had 10 scholie players on each side and subbing MLB’s @ 250 lbs for DT’s because we were so thin. We’re not that bad now, but not nearly where we should be.

    But we sure do have a shitload of DB’s. Maybe we can beef them up to be WDE’s. That’s the ticket…..


    Read somewhere that Alex Williams might flip to Ohio State after a late offer.


    That would be a blow to this class.  He’s a high 3* on all sites.  But tOSU is in his back yard and don’t have a DE in this class yet.  but they have 8 DE’s on the roster, about 2 in each class. They did have 2 DE’s decommit this year. A 4* and 5* went elsewhere.

    There is something to be said about us keeping him as our top target and tOSU looking at him as a fall back. He’ll surly get more and earlier pt in Morgantown.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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