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    First time in the 175 year history of the magazine they’ve endorsed a candidate. In reality it’s more of a rebuke of the current occupant of the White House. From their endorsement . . .

    “Biden wants to spend $2 trillion on an emissions-free power sector by 2035, build energy-efficient structures and vehicles, push solar and wind power, establish research agencies to develop safe nuclear power and carbon capture technologies, and more. The investment will produce two million jobs for U.S. workers, his campaign claims, and the climate plan will be partly paid by eliminating Trump’s corporate tax cuts. Historically disadvantaged communities in the U.S. will receive 40 percent of these energy and infrastructure benefits.

    It is not certain how many of these and his other ambitions Biden will be able to accomplish; much depends on laws to be written and passed by Congress. But he is acutely aware that we must heed the abundant research showing ways to recover from our present crises and successfully cope with future challenges.

    Although Trump and his allies have tried to create obstacles that prevent people from casting ballots safely in November, either by mail or in person, it is crucial that we surmount them and vote. It’s time to move Trump out and elect Biden, who has a record of following the data and being guided by science.”


    That is pretty good from a guy who can’t remember if he if running for president or the senate, and what day super Tuesday is on.


    I’m thinking maybe you should address your complaints to the scientists, Dave.

    I’m just the messenger.


    I tried to edit my post, but I guess I forgot to save, so here is it again.  All joking aside, Joe Biden has literally done NOTHING for the good of our country for almost 50 years in public office, why would anyone think he’ll do anything if given another four? Well, on second thought Joe Biden will do something, he’ll sell out the United States to line his and his son’s pockets.  Joe Biden is not in control, nor will he ever be. Kamala Harris and the big money donors  propping him up will be the ones in control.  I really don’t care who Scientific  American endorses, scientists live off of grants, they probably figure get Biden in office and he’ll (or rather Kamala Harris) waste trillions of taxpayer’s dollars on every hair brained scheme they can come up with.  A good measuring stick, if they endorsed Biden/Harris they can’t be that smart.


    Let’s not over-complicate things.

    Thinking people want Trump gone.

    Occam’s razor.


    I guess we’ll see in November…or December….or January….or..


    ShineyDave sure likes to make up stuff and repeat stuff he hears on the nutcase Fox  Tv and The various radio outlets.

    pure unadulterated shameless Trump cultist and white supremacy advocate


    Mayhaps Dave, or one of the other stalwart Trump loyalists, can tell us what kind of amphetamine Dear Leader was on at the town hall last night.

    Better living through chemistry!


    And exactly where do you get your information Mr. Crab, the the truly 100% unbiased and truthful CNN, CNBC, and the likes?

    Mr, Westfork, I wouldn’t bring up being on drugs if I was a Biden supporter.  I don’t know if Joe Biden is on drugs, but he should be, he honestly doesn’t know where he is half the time, and is even unable to read a TelePrompter with screwing it up.


    Don’t you guys know it’s the “Harris-Biden Admin” now?
    She said it and he confirmed it.
    All joking aside, it’s actually sad!


    You are exactly correct TonyAlto, That is how they’ll get the person they want in office, never mind the voters. Kamala Harris could not even get into the top ten candidates with democrat voters!  But thats okay, they’ll do an end around, get someone who won’t last 3 months to run for president, have him make Harris the VP, then in a few months have Biden resign for “health reasons”,   bingo! President Kamala Harris. Won’t happen, let the democrats take the WH, and you can bank on it. Oh, icing on the cake, don’t forget the Squad, they be right in the thick of it.


    Dave & Tony,

    You guys seem to know who is pulling the strings. Could you ask one of your confidential contacts why my check from Mr. Soros is late? I can’t blame the post office because the USA has the greatest mail delivery system in the world thanks to Dear Leader.


    More cultist pablum puking, Harris is the real Prez.

    just ask Rush, Hannity or Douchey


    Biden whipping Loser Trump from his basement.  That is true.


    I guess we’ll see pretty soon won’t we? Don’t open your champagne too soon.


    Don’t open yer Russkie vodka too soon, son.


    Wow Jack, you didn’t use the word “cultist” I think this might be a first for you?


    Scientific American

    two things Trump and yer cultists here are not , right Comrades?


    You want the country to go socialist, then call people who oppose comrades? Really a warped little world you live in isn’t it?


    Comrade I think yer confused.

    but I’m real glad yer splainin my world for me.

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