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    Matt Keller
    Matt Keller

    WVU DC Tony Gibson Needs More, Much More, To Be Comfortable In Big 12 Play MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – It’s not just the 31 points allowed in the opener, or t
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    Greg Hunter
    Greg Hunter

    I think Tony Gibson is one of the best defensive coordinators around, but I’m still worried about his defense this year. Maybe once David Long returns, things will improve, but in the Big 12, you had better have really good corners and the ability to generate a pass rush. I’m not sure if WVU has either. Gibbie could generate a better pass rush by blitzing more, but that will expose his corners even more, and I’m not sure they can handle straight man coverage without any help.



    Corners haven’t been good enough yet.  They need Long back to improve linebacker depth too.


    This week’s game isn’t going to tell us anything.  These guys need to tighten up their laces for B12 play.  It could be a long season if we don’t get better play from them.  We might have to score 60 to win a B12 game.



    Corners have to improve dramatically just for us to be average on D. They keep playing like this and someone will score 60+ on us in league play. Oklahoma State may make us look silly, like 500+ passing yards silly. Hope it gets better but this is shaping up like another version of the 2012 team.



    I have heard a lot of people compare this defense to the 2012 version. I don’t see it being that bad (the corners are safeties are routinely in the right spot), but it might be on par the 2006 defense if a nose doesn’t develop and corner play doesn’t improve.



    It’s early, but I agree that this defense isn’t as bad as the 2012 group, although the secondary is still a concern to me for sure.

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