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    Not playing 20-21 season because of COVID and…..

    looking for a new school partner.  Huntington St Joseph kicked them out.  Dr. Carol Templeton, St. Joseph’s Principal, seemed to have never liked the arrangement and used lack of immediate payment to dissolve the agreement.  https://voiceofmotown.com/huntington-prep-forced-to-move/#:~:text=The%20Huntington%20Prep%20basketball%20academy%20has%20operated%20as,easily%20the%20best%20hoops%20program%20in%20the%20state.

    Now Arkell Bruce is looking for a new home. Looking for places to play in WV and OH???  IMO we should not let this program leave the state.    https://www.williamsondailynews.com/sports/huntington-prep-announces-it-will-not-play-in-2020-21-season/article_752dfbb5-f4fa-5817-be5d-48dbcbda95c2.html

    Where are these kids ’21 kids going to play their SR year?

    SG  6’4” Shane Dexonie – HP (from NJ)

    SG Brayon Freeman – HP (GW Commit)

    PF J.T. Thor – HP

    F 6’4” Amare Smith – HP

    SF 6’8’ Mouhamed Mbaye – HP

    SF 6’8” Duncan Powell — HP


    Earlier in the summer I heard that Seny was going to reclassify to ’21.  Could this be the reason he didn’t and decided (along with Huggs) to come to WVU and most likely RS his first year?  Was Huggs concerned about losing him if he had to go to another BB school out of WV?


    The issues between HP and Huntington St. Joes have been brewing for a while, financial and otherwise. The split happened several months ago.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon occurence for prep schools that share facilities and schooling with an established high school. Others do all their classes online.

    As for where players might play, they will likely scatter to locales that will allow play this year.

    As far as for what anyone can do, I’d say very little, other than writing a huge check to provide classroom space, teachers and facilities for HP players.

    This definitely played into Seny’s decision.

    Final note – while there are definitely other reputable sites out there, voiceofmotown isn’t one of them.


    Kevin, rarely do I go on Voiceofmowown, but it did pop up when looking for HP info.  That’s why I linked the Williamson paper article.  Had much the same info.

    I’m sure there are some Catholic or even other private schools out there in WV that would welcome an additional income stream.  Hopefully Bruce sees a way to keep the program inside the state.

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