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    In 11 on 11 final warmups, Sanders is taking snaps with second team. Illingworth with the ones.


    Upset of the century. One of the OSU spirit squads has actually been moved off the field.


    This is my first WVU game in the press box since 1983.

    So, after 37 years you decided to come out of the basement?


    OT ….  KSt tied OU @ 35.  Now 6:30 to go in the 4th.  OU turning the ball over.  Their D backfield looks suspect.  KSt QB Skyler Thompson with 3 running TD’s.  1 blocked punt.  They are beatable. .





    KSt just scored….. but called back.  TE caught pass and took it in, but was ineligible.   KSt still driving.  Just kicked a 50 yd FG to go ahead 38-35.


    UCF / ECU game still in the 4th.  11:00 to go.


    Some reports say Sanders not starting. He was intro’ed as starter on pregame video. So, still waiting.



    Oh, baaaaabyyyyyyyyyy……  KSt with the ball 2:40 to go.  Couple 1st downs and it’s over.  Move it deep and it’s over.


    OSU had some no shows last week, but am told all tickets sold and looks like most in attendance for today’s game. This stadium holds sound in, so it should be reasonably loud.


    Josh Sills is a captain for OSU today.


    Sanders out, Illingsworth will start at QB for Oklahoma State.


    Behrndt and Uzebu start in WVU’s offensive line after both were suspended last week.


    Rattler5 throws 3rd INT and OSU loses.  38-35


    OU loss makes our game much more interesting.


    Run blocking not impressive for WVU in its first impressive. Was last week’s success on the ground a matter of the foe being Eastern Kentucky or is WVU’s o-line capable of more than it should on that first series against the Cowboys?


    Wow, the Oklahoma loss to Kansas State is a stunner, at least to me. K-State outscores OU 17-0 in the fourth quarter.


    Good try by OSU receiver Stoner, but it was ruled no catch on the field and it can’t be overturned by the booth.


    Looks like we need to tighten up our man coverage.  Playing a little off the ball.


    Nice Stop on 3rd down.

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 230 total)
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