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    Careful there.  The masks most of us wear, then my statement is true.  Only an honest to God N95 mask will actually give you the kind of protection we all seek.  And they are not easy to come by and they are an only wear once type mask.  You can’t clean them, so you’d need a truck load of them to get by.

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    I’ve thought a lot about this subject without ever coming up with a belief or an opinion.  All I know for sure is that a president died that shouldn’t have and then his alleged assailant ended up promptly dead before he ever saw the inside of a courtroom, had evidence presented, or was judged by a jury of his peers.

    Seems to me that someone was pissed off and 2 men died as a result.  We may never know the someone, if there is someone, that triggered all of this.

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    Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with fascism, which to borrow your words is just not true.  McCarthy and Trump are a damn poor analogy as well.  McCarthy was against something (communism) with no real plan FOR something other than some draconian means of telling on your neighbor.

    Trump, on the other hand, is actually FOR something – something that resonates with roughly HALF of the population.  Trump’s flaws are those of personality rather than on policy.  He is his own worst enemy in the efforts he’s made to actually accomplish something good for the average folks.

    But examined in the absence of Trump, his main policy points were long overdue.

    Nationalism versus globalism.  This goes to economic national security and protection of American jobs.

    Integrity of borders versus openness.  This isn’t emotional or racist, it is firmly rooted in security – in knowing WHO is coming in and WHY they’re coming in.

    Fair trade versus free trade.  The USA has suffered unfair trade practices for a couple of generations in terms of foreign governments subsidizing their industries or devaluing their currency or putting tariffs on US goods, all under the innocent sounding guise of “free” trade.

    Forcing allies to pay their share of their own defense versus the USA paying for its own defense and most of our allies own defense costs.  NATO needed shaken up on this topic and numerous presidents of both parties have tried saying pretty please to get them to pay up, to no avail.

    Bringing troops home versus constantly fighting endless foreign wars.  It was on this subject that Trump made his biggest enemies – the good old Military Industrial Complex that president Eisenhower warned the nation about in his farewell address.  If we’re fighting on foreign shores, then life is good for the defense contractors.  Pay no attention to those young brave Americans dying and being maimed, this is all done to keep you safe.  Horseshit – I heard the same crap with Vietnam.

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    Wonder what the odds are that Kysre uses this “free eligibility” year and comes back for one more next year?

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    OU and ISU are peaking, that’s for sure.  I agree with Butler – ISU delivered a beatdown on KSU and OU basically just toyed with OSU like a cat toying with a trapped mouse.

    But on topic, for many reasons if I can only have one win out of the two, make it OU.  Though Nirvana would be a win in both.  One can dream, right?

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    Jack, if you cannot read the signs that have been scaring the hell out of me for about 15 years now, then I don’t know what else to say.  This country has steadily and continuously become more and more divided.  We are now at the point that there is not even the slightest pretense at compromise or reaching across the aisle.  This is a boiler with a weak wall and sooner or later this boiler is going to violently explode unless both parties come to the realization that NEITHER of them is going to EVER get all they want and further that they realize that the gridlock can no longer prevail.  Because if this situation does explode, then BOTH parties are going to lose power and will be replaced by God only knows what, but I am not at all anxious to find out what that might be.

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    The mask has some VERY limited effectiveness, albeit more for the other guy than you.  That said, in reality the mask is more of a psychological positive effect upon the wearer rather than any medical positive effect.

    As to mask mandating, put bluntly it is a method for politicians to “appear” to be doing something, sort of a second cousin by marriage to demagoguery.

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    Minimal protection at the best and that protection is beneficial more toward folks YOU encounter, rather than any beneficial protection for yourself.

    Check out the study with the Marine recruits that were all quarantined, work masks constantly, socially distanced, hand washing and surface cleaning ad nauseum, yet they still caught COVID.

    This damned disease is just virulently contagious and try though we might through all these measures, it is not going to be defeated ONLY by masking, distancing, or locking down.

    We must rely on the true science – that of manhours of laboratory research, testing possible treatments and vaccines, doing controlled studies, and at last bringing to market therapeutics to treat victims and vaccines to try to build immunity in the population.  That folks, is the method that is going to win this battle.

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    Unity my ass.  We have never been truly unified ever since the ugly election between the senior John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  Hell, we once split apart and fought a civil war.  And they do say that history repeats . . .

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    Oh ho!!  Going to be some serious money to be made by the city if they allow any fans at all within the arena.  Of course, that’s the question – will it be played bubble style with no fans, or played with some percentage of the capacity allowed to attend?

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    Never heard anything out the coaches about kicking duties, but I’m pretty sure I heard some things about living to see another sunrise or about the attributes of my family ancestors.

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    i thought Brad Howe was the Senator and hunter was coach hunter 🙂

    Ask Greg about his daddy.

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    Managed in my furor to get all of it on top my foot and then an assist from the wind.  I was pissed and the adrenaline was pumping.

    in reply to: Matt Sarz Prediction For WVU-OU Gametime #128978

    If FOX does that, do they bill it as the meeting of the deplorables?

    in reply to: COVID impact on games #128976

    Couldn’t disagree more, Vulash.  We Americans adapt and overcome.  That’s our heritage.

    in reply to: OT …. PSU??? … and more …. #128950

    Joe Pa is spinning like a top in his grave.

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    I got one of those sideline ass reaming jobs in high school.  Got called for unnecessary roughness for driving a guy about 7 yards out of bounds and into the fence.  Then being pissed over the flag knowing how many gassers I’d have to run Monday, I kicked the damned official’s flag up into the stands.  Second penalty for unsportsmanlike.

    It was NOT a pleasant experience either on the sideline or that coming Monday afternoon.  The guy I drove into the fence had been talking trash to me the whole game and I lost my composure – an underclassman’s lesson that was.  The seniors had a little chat with me too.  🙂

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    Man, what an imagination, cinci!  Or is it some rare, high proof whiskey?

    in reply to: WVU’s Defense Clamps Down on the Horned Frog Ground Game #128904

    Hunter is changing his title from the Senator to the Dean of the press corps.

    in reply to: Grading The Mountaineers: West Virginia Takes Care Of TCU #128903

    When we bring 5 with our guys, it is usually a serious problem to the other guys.  I’ve even seen us bring 4 and give them ulcers.  Better stated, we bring 5 and the other team’s bowels turn to water.

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