Breakout Game for WVU QB Jarret Doege?

West Virginia quarterback Jarret Doege (Brian Bahr photo)

It’s going to happen, Neal Brown assured those listening to his radio show on Thursday night. Sooner or later, it’s going to happen.

What is going to happen?

Quarterback Jarret Doege is going to step up and put it all together.

“I don’t when it is going to happen, but sooner or later he’s going to have a break out game. It’s going to happen,” the coach said.

And what better time than this afternoon as the fans return to Mountaineer Field and the opponent is lowly Kansas?

Kickoff is at noon and as the only Big 12 game to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and to be played this week, will be carried on Fox TV.

West Virginia will be looking to win its third game in four outings and will do so against a Kansas team without its head coach. Les Miles came down with the coronavirus during the off-week but was cleared to travel this week for the game. He announced Friday, however, that “after much consideration and several in-depth conversations with the medical team, our coaching staff and Kansas Athletics administration” that he had decided not to accompany his team to Morgantown.

Joshua Eargle, the team’s tight end coach and recruiting coordinator, will fill in.

The Jayhawks come in with one of the nation’s best and most dangerous running backs in Pooka Williams to challenge what has been a solid WVU defense.

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They do not, however, have their normal quarterback, having changed this week to Miles Kendrick, the third starting quarterback in four weeks.

But the focus falls more on West Virginia’s quarterback, for Doege is struggling to fulfill the belief Brown has in him.

“If you look at just the pure statistics of it, we don’t look like a team that struggled to throw the football,” Brown said. “If you look deeper, our yards per attempt is not very good. That tells you we’re not very explosive. That’s something that we’ve got to work on.

“There’s two ways to do it — you got to throw the ball downfield or you got to make some people miss. So that was our big point of emphasis (this week). Our completion percentage and those kinds of things are fine. We just got to get the ball extended down the field or make some people miss. We worked hard on it in the bye week. We got to get better at it. I think it’s going to be a defining (factor),” Brown concluded.

The question is, what’s holding Doege back from taking the next step? It seems to be more of a personal challenge than a physical one.

“He plays with a burden sometimes,” Brown said.

That’s what he addresses in conversations with Doege during the week.

“Just play. It sounds simple. Just have fun. I think he puts more stress on himself than he needs to. He’s put so much into it and he doesn’t want to let people down,” Brown suggested. “Just take each play, man. Be excited about playing. There’s no burden. We’re playing a game. They call it a game for a reason. Just go out and have fun.

“He was much more relaxed in practice this week.

Brown can look at Doege from a unique vantagepoint in that he also coached his older brother, Seth, when he was offensive coordinator at Texas Tech.

“They are similar personalities,” Brown said on his show. “They come from a coaching family. Both of them love the game of football. Both of them prepare at such a high level. It was harder on Seth because Seth was playing in his home town. I never get into the comparison game and tell Jarret that Seth was blah, blah, blah.

“Seth performed at high level but I always thought he was underappreciated by the local people. He came off two ACL injuries in high school, really didn’t play as a junior and a senior in high school. He waited his time and had good years.,” he continued.

“Both of them are pleasers. Jarret is going to bounce back. I really believe that. I see how he performs in practice. It’s just a matter of time until he does it in a game.”

The next step is to start hitting passes down field.

“Explosive passes, you have to do it,” Brown said. “You go back and look and we threw the ball downfield a good bit against Eastern Kentucky. We attempted a lot of downfield passes against Oklahoma State. We just didn’t complete them, whether it was because the line protection, the receivers or the quarterback, but we had several called in the game … maybe to the point we called too many of them.

“Then we were aggressive throwing the football early in the game against Baylor and then the game sort of switched. If I had it to do over again, and that’s a question I always ask on Sunday, if I played the game tomorrow, knowing what I know, what would I have done different?

“There’s no doubt, especially later in the second and into the third quarter we were taking more shots downfield. We’ve worked on it. It’s been a point of emphasis. You always identify things maybe you got away with, maybe you didn’t, but that you want to work on and improve in.”

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    It’s going to happen, Neal Brown assured those listening to his radio show on Thursday night. Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. What is going to
    [See the full post at: Breakout Game for WVU QB Jarret Doege?]


    Coach Brown keeps saying the same thing over and over. Also he tells his QB to go and have fun !!! A play is called,the players go up to the line…then they all stand up and look to the side line. For what, another play, the ok to run the already called play. That’s not fun, that creates doubt. Just call a play and run it. The players on the field during the game get the feel of what will work or not. Let them play and have fun.


    I don’t think he can break out, I think we’re seeing his talent level.   Now he might turn the ball over and manage the game better,  he can improve…but I don’t see him suddenly wowing us.   He might look better against Kansas.


    I really don’t understand your issue with checking the defense and checking the play dawg.  Why line up and run the called play if the defense is set against it?  Almost every team checks plays


    I just don’t think he has the arm strength and accuracy to have a break out game.  Make better decisions on the short passes?  Make better decisions checking the play before snaps by recognizing D’s?  Stepping up and avoiding pressure to avoid sac’s?  Yes to all of these.  But until he continually puts the ball on target deep and shows that he can do things like throw to the back shoulder, I’ll keep my expectations at a lower level.   That’s not saying that he isn’t a serviceable QB, he certainly is.  But let’s be real about his ability.


    Is it possible to have a truly “breakout game” against a team like Kansas?


    Brown stuck with him when I thought he must have been hanging by the thinnest of threads.  He did seem to relax a bit after Brown’s long run for a TD.  It was Kansas and their defense was on the field for a long time, can’t discount they were just worn down after Brown’s run, mentally and physically.

    Will be interesting to see how he plays next week, isn’t Lubbock his home town?  He will need to play better than he has, as will the rest of the offense, if we are to come away with a road victory.


    Breakout game?  Didn’t have a huge day but had some pretty good throws.  39, 33, 26, 23 and 10 receptions in the teens.  Doege’s sweet spot is between 8 and 11 yds.  10 of his 26 completions were in that range.

    Vs a team like Kansas that works.  Let’s see how he does in the next few games.  Feeling a little better that he had 4 over 20 but still not convinced.  Again, WR’s dropped some ….. way too many ….. that could have been long gains.


    Let’s see what happens.


    Probably played as well as he can in the second half and still scared me on a handful of plays.

    My biggest concern is that neither he or Brown are willing to accept his limitations.


    used the play by play summary at ESPN and did not use pencil and paper, tried to only keep track in my head.  So could be errors and did not double check.

    Per the official stats Doege was was 29-44 for the game.  In the 1st half I counted 13-29.  Before Brown’s run Doege attempted 7 passes in the 3rd quarter, completed 5, threw his only interception.  That made him 18-36 with an interception and 2 TD passes up to that point in the game.  After that, for what remained of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4rth he was 8-8.  His interception was terrible in the 3rd quarter.  To his credit he made the tackle.

    Thought I saw somewhere where it was claimed there were 6 or 7 dropped passes by WVU.  Obviously most of those, if not all of them, in the 1st half.

    Doege was obviously much more accurate in the 2nd half, even better after Brown’s run, and the receivers better as well.  Hard to explain the Hyde Jekyll performance of either of them.


    If he’s going to have a break out game, the WRs better start catching the football.  There are just too many drops to get the mojo going, in fact the WR’s need to start making tough catches in addition to the ones in their hands they consistently drop.

    Get that resolved and we can start getting this train ripping through the Texas schools.


    WV’s receivers did not help him.  He had a pretty decent game, though the interception was bad.  Receivers have to do a better job of catching passes.  They were not good today


    I thought he played adequate yesterday,  that’s probably about what we can expect.   On the int I think he never saw the defender as the tackle was between him and the defender and they were all moving.   That’s not an excuse,  but I don’t think it was quite as egregious as it looked.   The pass to brown that got him laid out was a worse decision imo.  Overall though, he was adequate.   I mean I still have concerns, I think that’s nearing his ceiling and its barely an average performance for college fb.


    Our receivers on the other hand…not sure I’ve ever seen that many drops.  If they make those catches Doege looked a lot better.   Leddie was our best receiver for most of the game too.


    other than the interception the only incompletion in the 2nd half, assuming my previous breakdown was correct, was a tough pass into a tight window where the receiver was well defended.  Unfortunately it was on 3rd down and resulted in another 3rd quarter possession where we did not threaten to score.  Also, if you look, there was another receiver about 10 yards to the left of the targeted receiver who was about the same distance down the field, which was enough for the 1st down, who was certainly more open than the targeted receiver.

    Lots of things go into keeping drives alive.  Lots of better play available for the offense, from all the participants, to enable them to increase their average points per game.

    They need to slip by TT to give themselves a chance to make each succeeding game this season more interesting than the previous one.


    a couple of corrections on Doege’s stats from rewatcing the 3rd quarter up thru Brown’s TD run.  Apparently interceptions do not count as pass attempts.  So Doege had 2 incompletions in the 3rd quarter, in addition to the interception, prior to Brown’s run.  Neither of the incompletions were as I described in the above post so that must have been in the 1st half and was just remembered incorrectly.

    Both of those incompletions were not even close so they essentially were just wasted plays.  Again, while the 3rd quarter performance by Doege before Brown’s run was better than his 1st half performance, it was only marginally better.  Though, to be fair, one of the 3rd quarter drives was stalled by Ryan’s unsportsmanlike penalty.  Which I could not understand then and cannot understand now.

    But Doege was actually pretty good after Brown’s run.  Not sure why, could speculate, but it is something to think about.


    By Quarter


    1Q — 5-11-1-0

    2Q — 6-16-1-0

    3Q — 8-11-0-1

    4Q — 5-6-1-0

    total 26-44-3-1

    So, yes, in the 2nd half he settled down and hit his man ….. or they didn’t drop them …. much more frequently.


    my running total math was not that good.  and for some reason I thought he completed 29.  Guess I need to get my bifocals checked.

    Thanks for the link, I can look there as the season progresses.  Stats don’t tell the entire story, but they tell some of the story.


    Stats lie frequently. Heck the KU TD pass was an underthrown ball that probably should have been picked off but it goes down in the books as a long TD pass for the QB when it wasn’t all that great.

    We just need Doege to be a game manager and Brown/Parker to call a game suited to his talents/limitations. If there is something that we can’t do it’s a slow developing long pass play. We can neither provide enough time or deliver the ball accurately.


    Or catch it


    Or work with another QB.

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Home Page forums Breakout Game for WVU QB Jarret Doege?

Home Page forums Breakout Game for WVU QB Jarret Doege?