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    That’s the line from this game. That’s where TTU lived, and that’s the difference in a one point game. (Timing of calls during crucial moments aside.)

    Naturally, things were “evened up” in the second half (somewhat), but the crowd was appeased (as usual) to prevent a stampede. ( We’re talking about the Red Raiders, after all.)

    Still, good teams overcome this. Today, they did not. And as much good as JC has done for this team in single handily winning games this season, I blame him for this loss. (Gasp!)

    This was one of those games where ‘defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory.’ And it occurred around the under eight minute period of the second half. Despite the eight on five that was going on from the opening tip.

    This game was good for the conference though. Yes it was. Now all WVU has to do in this particularly wacky season is do what they’ve done four years straight–beat KU at home. See how that works? I do. It’s not rocket science.

    Want to bet the farm and win a fortune? Bet on WVU when the Red Raiders return the favour in Morgantown–when Huggs can put in the cheerleaders to defend and flop for trips to the FT line and secure a miraculous victory…


    I doubt TT can duplicate that kind of free throw shooting. I like WV’s chances against them in future matchups.


    Pitty: Can you expand on the blaming JC for the loss statement? Agreed that he might have forced a shot or two, but WVU’s offense was broken down by Tech’s defense, and by some guys trying to do things they can’t and others being strangely passive or nailed to the bench due to foul or attitude problems.


    What I meant was JC’s appearing (to me) to shoulder the game. While it was evident that guys stood around far too much heading down the stretch–especially on the offensive side, allowing Tech to gain the momentum needed to retake the lead, he was forcing up shots, some too early, and contested–which also contributed to the comeback.

    Now obviously, Tech’s defense had a lot to do with that…and they were, after all, in front of their home crowd (not to mention seemingly getting EVERY call). But in my opinion, he rushed too many shots at some very critical times–critical being key.

    Maybe I’m being too critical, and as you mentioned, there was the passitivity on the part of the other members, coupled with the foul and attitude problems, but I expect more out of JC, despite all of the good things he did yesterday (and there were certainly plenty of those!).


    JC….. 10-22 from the floor. only 2 asst. Only 4 FT attempts. nuff said.
    Looked like he was trying to force it and not getting the rest of the team involved.

    Trae Young gets 29 pts and 5 asst and they lose. 29 pts and 10 assists and they win.


    JC was not able to penetrate much, and there were some missed shots that would have been assists if made. Carter’s shot was better Saturday than it has been though.


    Hard for JC to get assists when the other players are not…

    1. Moving – not a lot of assists when nobody is getting open or even making the effort to get open

    2. Hitting shots – assists are given when someone scores and in order to score you must make a shot, our guys were not doing that

    Sags and West were on a different planet Saturday and we can’t have that. They don’t have to be prolific scorers but do have to play with effort and under control which I thought each failed to do.

    Harler, while never going to approach that level, is beginning to remind me of Nate on offensive end in that when he is in there the offense tends to flow a little better. We seem to have better ball movement with him in the game.

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