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    We have more shooters on this team than we’ve had in years. But there are some that should NEVER be allowed to pop one from beyond the arc. We’ve got 4 guys hitting over 40%. Beetle, Sags, Chase, Knapper and two around the 35% mark, McCabe, West. We know West is streaky and can hit it big time when he has his head in the game. McCabe’s number would be higher if he could stay away from putting up forced shots at the end of the clock. That’s a team problem, not necessarily his. Those 6 are the best 6 that we’ve had in years.

    Now to the bottom of the barrel. Esa and Wes should never be allowed to put the ball up from behind the arc……. NEVER, EVER, EVER….. They struggle to hit the rim for the most part. Air balls galore. They are taking as many shots from deep as the rest of the guys. They need to learn to play within their limitations.


    There’s a high school coach in Texas where my grandson
    plays who has a unique “Test of qualifying” to shoot 3’s in
    a game! It’s basically the old “Round the World” playground
    game. You shoot from 5 spots outside the the 3 pt line.
    Make 2 shots from each spot in a certain time frame like
    3 minutes. Pass and you can shoot in a game!
    Otherwise you just pass!


    Not sure if I’d put that limit on. Esa made 31% a year ago and Wes 32%. I do agree that you don’t want them forcing up shots or taking them early in the clock, but if they get step in chances I don’t see a problem there.


    31% and 32% last year is barely where they need to be. But taking as many shots from 3 as almost everybody else on the team and at 28% and 22% shows us something different has happened this year. These guys are just jacking it up. If they were getting step in shots they would be making it at a much higher rate.

    Are they taking a hint from Sag’s NBA evaluation that basically said he needed to learn to play outside more on O and D?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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