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    All lost a game this week. How far up fo we move?


    When the es rankings come out? Tuesday?

    Should be 6 or 7 which a little high at this stage. We may end up as a top 10 team but can’t say I believe we are there yet.


    I’m still sceptical that we are a top 10 team. Lets get into conference play before I believe it.


    I would guess 8. Agreed that there’s still a lot to prove. There’s a good chance to get a 2-0 start in the league, with both of them road wins. As it has been the past couple of years, that would be very big.


    #7 surprises me
    B12 with 7, 10 11 12 18 22.
    Also surprised that UNC dropped to 13.


    Drops have been quick this season but so has climbing back into it. Look at AZ they got smoked 3 games in the Bahama’s and beat 1 I repeat 1 Quality team and were climbing fast

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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