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    tOSU beat #7 Maryland today!

    They are 10-1 outside their conference!

    Guess who the one loss was?



    Those shoeless “hillbillies” put the Buckeyes in their place in Cleveland. I was there for that, too. 4 rows behind Ohio State bench. I got to see the anguish, puzzlement and display on their faces, which turned both scarlet and gray from the Pitbull Defense of Huggins Heroes. That and the 38-point whipping of Texas were my two favorite games so far this season.

    Now if WVU can put another 30-ish horns-down in Austin in Monday all the bad outcomes will be parked in the back of mind to make room for the joys of the 18 or 19 victories!!!

    Turn the Longhorns into juicy steaks on the Mountaineer barbeque!!!!


    loss to SJU in “The Garden”


    After losing to SJU who at the time was 7-2 / OOC finish of 11-2. They have fallen to 3-11 in the conference and 7-11 overall since then (14-13 this season). This was the first of a bad loss category. Our Biggest win so far has been Texas Tech. With this resume we never going to be a 3 seed IMO.


    “Huggins Heroes” are more like “Keystone Kops” the way they’re playing


    I struggle to see a positive note on this team.


    after taking a few deep breathes after yet another disappointing performance, I think Matthews and McCabe are playing hard but, for whatever reason, they are just not playing well.  Maybe next year.  Culver plays hard and has some ability.  He has some offensive shortcomings that it is disappointing he has not been able to improve on any more than he has, but he is still only a sophomore and has not played 2 full seasons yet.  McBride and Oscar have just hit a wall.  Perhaps McBride is not 100%.  But both will be better next year and I don’t think they are going to get materially better this year.  They just look wore out to me.

    Gabe still plays as hard now as he did earlier in the year.  Unfortunately he is making more mistakes now than he did then.  Could be he is pressing a bit trying to do more than he can to pull the team out of its slump.  Harler just is what he is.  Played a little better this year than in past years but only has a limited amount of ability.  Sort of the same with Haley.  He has the look of being a player that could be just what this team needs, but just does not have quite enough ability to deliver what’s needed on a consistent basis.  But I wish him the best and thank him for his contributions.

    Sherman and McNeil are about what I thought they would be.  Good shooters who have had ups and downs in making the adjustment from less advanced competition to the very best competition.  I think both should have played more than they have.  That is probably my biggest  complaint against Huggins for this year.  but this team is done.  they don’t have a leader and they have totally lost their confidence.  I almost wish they would not make the tournament, I think they are going to only embarrass themselves.


    Well said Cinci.  I too believe this team is done.  3 more games.  OU at home.  Possible W?  ISU away, we’ve lost to very bad teams on the road.  BU at home a certain L.  IMO 1-2 is the best we’ll see.  0-3 quite a possibility.   With a 19-9 record today IMO 20 W’s to end the season with 2 W’s in the last 9 will not get us into the tourney even if we W one in the B12 tourney.   IMO we would have to get to at least 22 W’s to make it.  Committee is going to look at the last 12 games and see a TOTAL COLLAPSE in this team.  Won’t matter what the NET says, the eyeball test tells us that this team doesn’t belong in the Dance.

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