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    Accountability Drives WVU Receiving Corps MORGANTOWN, W.Va — It’s revealing, this standard to which West Virginia’s wide receivers hold themselves. T
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    I called the TD pass to Simms when I saw the two teams line up before the snap to my sister and his golfing partner. He was one on one with the defender and no other defenders were without 10 yards of either before the snap. Grier saw it, too, of course, because he’s a whole lot smarter than me about such things.

    I also saw another TD pass when there were 3 WVU receivers lined up on the left sideline right in front of our 40 yard line seats and only 2 Kansas State defenders. There’s no way that 2 can cover 3 of our receivers. And Grier, as usual, picked out the uncovered receiver within the 3-second clock in his head for the score.

    I have never seen a Kansas State team come so unhinged in all the years WVU has been in the Big 12, against the Mountaineers or any other Big 12 team. Calmness, routine doing their job is a hallmark of Bill Snyder teams. It was remarkable to see the unraveling. Grier will do that to a lot of teams. While our rushing was below par, there will be days that the defense seeing Grier at QB will make them forget to cover the runs.

    M agnificent Grier passes shredded Tennessee, 40-14
    O verhelmed drenched Youngstown, 52-17
    U nable to play North Carolina State because of Hurricane Florence
    N asty defense against Kansas State, 35-6
    T errorize Texas Tech
    A nnihilate Kansas
    I ncinerate Iowa State
    N ail Baylor
    E rectile dysfunction Texas
    E lectrify TCU
    R eam Oklahoma State
    S laughter Oklahoma


    We had way too many dropped passes. Can’t do this against good teams.


    Jennings dropping the TD pass was shocking. He catches virtually everything possible but was awfully casual with his effort on that one.

    Sills had an easy catch drop as well. Very unusual for those guys.

    Wesco’s, while it should have been caught, was a relatively tough catch.


    Those drops along with 3 int’s and a fumble won’t get us a W in the rest of the games except maybe Kansas.

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