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    Ahmad, Harris Dismissed From WVU Basketball Team MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–The e-mail announcement that came from West Virginia’s Sports Information Office wa
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    Good riddance.


    Bob Huggins Oncology

    Morgantown, West Virginia



    I agree with Esa. Unfortunately, I think Wesley is a loss. He plays defense… It frees up a scholarship. I think more will be gone. We will see how theyplay now.


    Wes does play defense. But he had multiple troubling incidents on the court that probably contributed this.

    I don’t think there’s any question that there will be more to depart this year.

    As for the rest of the season, it’s probably going to be ugly. And maybe even worse than what it has been.


    I’m fine with sacrificing the remainder of a terrible season for the greater good.

    Nothing more than a hunch but my guess is West either makes some changes or will be moving on.

    Don’t see anyone else as a potential departure.


    Let the purge begin!

    "Confidence is a lot of this game or any game. If you don't think you can, you won't. "

    - Jerry West


    I found this as good news for the program. Free up a few scholarships and make better choices in recruiting.


    Agreed, just don’t see any negative here.


    It was needed, but I wouldn’t call it good news. It’s a sad day to be a Mountaineer, whenever you are. Turn the page , move on.


    I definitely think that a few more are on their way out. This season cannot be over soon enough. I think the rest of this season is a tryout for the rest of the team for next year. Hopefully, Culver has his head on straight now. He is the only bright spot this deplorable season!


    Let the purge begin!

    Release the Hounds……


    I think this is very good news.  Take care of the cancer now.  Don’t let it spread to the rest of the team.  For those that are somewhat infected a little chemo by Bob will clear them up.  You make your tree stronger by pruning the bad limbs.

    Doomes and Matthews will get more pt.  May have to go to a smaller lineup or play Haley at F instead of G.


    The time was now – and a quick cut was best.  No point in letting things linger.  But I’m struck by the wording of the announcement – violation of Athlectic Department policies.  So, what policies?  Failure to win when put on the floor?  Or something deeper and darker?


    Amazing they lasted this long, eyes glazed over on court play was ridiculous!



    Ahmad may one of those players a team is better without.  I go back to last season when they were 15-1 without Ahmad and 11-10 after he returned.  Only loss was opening game to Texas A@M and they beat Virginia, Missouri, K State, Oklahoma,  and Oklahoma State.


    I take no joy in this. But whatever it is that’s going on with this “team” needs to be excised (as by a scalpel)–and probably should have already happened by now. Because it’s threatening the whole program.

    I also don’t want to hear whinging about poor “kids.” They’re not only fully grown adults, they’re more than old enough to heed the advice given them–for their own good, no less, and FOLLOW THE RULES. On top of that, there is a certain work ethic that’s expected–no more than anyone making it clear, their own head coach who happens to have a reputation for hard work, and demands it of his recruits. ALL OF THEM. And that’s hardly a secret. And even the most casual of fans can see that all of these ingredients have been positively absent the ENTIRE SEASON, save a few select members.

    I’ll also say that I’ve never witnessed such a soft, pampered, selfish and LAZY bunch–as a collective, in all my life…which again, isn’t all inclusive–but still, all it takes are one or two bad attitudes and the weak will follow suit. They always do.

    I said this earlier, and I’ll repeat it once more: I don’t care if Coach Huggs whittles this “team” down to five players, and has to finish games with three on the court, and build on that next year–if THAT’S what it takes…


    Not sure this is a Huggs purge.  The statement was a violation of Athletic Department Policies, not a violation of team rules.  The suddenness and finality of the action bespeaks something quite dire.  It’ll be a while before this totally flushes out.


    AD Policies or Team Violation.  We knew it was coming and we had a feeling these two were at the top.  Couple more slightly below may be the rest of the purge.  Watch for it.  More to come.


    AD Policies or Team Violation. We knew it was coming and we had a feeling these two were at the top. Couple more slightly below may be the rest of the purge. Watch for it. More to come.


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