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    Let them…then when the well runs dry they’ll have nothing to show for it


    I would pump the brakes just a bit.

    While the release said hundreds of players were in support, it only named a handful of media contacts, and there have been even fewer players that said they would sit out the season. (One of those was former WVU player Lamonte McDougle, who said he would not sit out because he has moths to feed.)

    Even if the PAc-12 thinks only a few players will sit out, that is NOT a reason, IMO, to ignore the issues raised here. Issues with safety, NIL, etc. are problems that need to be dealt with.

    There are a few of the items in this list that are simply unrealistic, though. The PAc-12 can’t solve racism overnight. It can try to work to continue pushing the cause, of course, and if players think more committees can help that, then that’s worth setting up. It also can’t guarantee a 100% safe environment for play. It can’t give 50% of football money to the players and still support Olympic sports, which are two of the demands.

    If players are concerned and don’t want to play, they should be allowed to opt out and keep their scholarships. The Pac-12 previously said that would be the case.

    There are valid points on both sides, as is often the case. Can a compromise be reached? It depends on the leadership on both sides.


    Joel Klatt had a good Twitter post about this topic.


    Good find, Jeff.

    I don’t want to appear vindictive or retaliatory, but I agree with that thought. While the risk of transmission is probably the greatest during games and practices, you can’t discount it in the weight room and other common team areas.


    Quick bitty on 94.7 thought this could shut down Washington FB this year.


    Most of these demands have nothing to do with safety of the players during COVID.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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