Anyone See the Michigan-Louisville Matchup?

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    That was some awful basketball. The type that made the eyes bleed.

    -The game’s FIRST score came at the 17:57 mark by Louisville. Michigan’s at 17:10.
    -Michigan would not score again until the 13:26 mark–and not manage another point until a free throw (1 of 2) with 10:01 remaining in the first half (12-5, UL)…which stayed that way until they managed only their third bucket of the game with 7:14 left to play in the first half. (A whopping 18-7 score at that time.)
    -At the under-four to play, the score was 24-9.
    -Score at halftime: 28-18.

    And so on and so forth, as the eyes continued to bleed throughout the second half, but profusely by this time. Absolutely agonizing to watch. Brutal, as the 58-43 final outcome testified.

    I mean, saying it was clanker matched by clankers from the opposition doesn’t do this “Top Four Matchup” justice in describing it. It was like watching a soccer match and hoping your best score ever after 18 holes were in the same category. In fact, had they replaced the basketball hoops and nets with soccer goals and nets, I don’t believe that would have resulted in one more point from either side.

    Yeah, it was THAT bad…

    **Special thanks to my son for his help, as I still can’t see well enough after the excessive bleeding from my eyes to have typed this in on my own. My eye specialist said however, that this would improve dramatically after tuning into the next Mountaineer game–and would ultimately not need surgical intervention, as my sight will return, intact. But any and all prayers are most appreciated.


    First, love your postscript!

    I was in and out on this one – watching a few different things at once, so didn’t get the full impact you shared. Thanks for that.

    Wonder if this was an anomaly game? Louisvlle is 18th and Michigan 22nd in FG% this year. UL is 7th in FG% defense. Maybe they just rolled out some new rims for this one?


    Michigan just couldn’t buy a bucket and that’s kudos to Louisville who at this point is the best team in the country.

    The other two I’m watching closely (outside of Kansas of course) is Maryland and Ohio State. What those schools did last night showed me Final Four caliber and quite frankly, loaded and deep.

    WVU will be playing Ohio State in Cleveland then to Kansas back to back in a few weeks. That’s the wake up call.


    Ohio State looked VERY GOOD at UNC last night. Tarheels looked sub par. UNC’s best big man turned an ankle and missed 3/4 of the game.


    Kevin–Thanks for the props. Just had to peck in something after that stinker. We’ve all seen our fair share of bad basketball, but this one really stood out due to all the hype of a “Number 1” pitted against a “Number 4.”

    As for an anomaly, it likely was. I mean, it HAD to be, right? But there was no excuse for what played out (pun intended). NO amount of great–or even good defense could account for what was witnessed in this one. It was just plainly, awful basketball.

    WVUalum and Jeff–Didn’t see that one. I turned in really early as I was wiped out after one heckuva day. But from the little I’ve seen, read, heard about Ohio State, seems like they’re the real deal.

    But it’s early for all of this. And just more examples of just how worthless rankings are a couple of weeks into a season.


    The tOSU / UNC game was something to watch. tOSU looked very, very good all the way around. UNC looked no better than a very good Prep School team. They didn’t look any where near a top 10 team.

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