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    I see that Angus Davis is due to enroll at the end of July. Some think he’ll be blue shirted. Some think he’ll be slotted immediately into the punting competition vying for Kinney’s spot.


    For my wife’s sake, I hope he’s slotted immediately into the competition–because it likely won’t take him long to earn the position outright, IMO. (She’s an immense Mountaineer fan of both our sports, mind you, but this will only serve to further cement that fanaticism.)

    There’s a very good reason that these guys are now actually being recruited as punters in America. Anyone who’s watched Aussie Rules Football will immediately understand this. I speak from personal experience, having spent several weeks in Melbourne, being schooled by mere children on the technique that’s the foundation for the sport they devout the same amount of attention to that we Americans do with our own unique brand of football. Now, the Australian football is a bit more pudgy than ours (yes, I brought one back with me), but kicking it with precision (which at times is their way of “passing” the ball), is truly an art. It is done with almost pinpoint accuracy. And as we all know, that is every bit as important than airing it out–many times more important.

    An aside, I promise you there are quite a few more Mountaineer fans that reside Down Under than there were sixteen years ago, proudly donning our gear, courtesy of yours truly! 🙂


    Great info! Thanks for sharing that. We’ve noted a couple of times that Davies and Tavis Lee are still scheduled to enroll for the fall semester. Jayce Rogers wasn’t included in the media guide, which isn’t definitive, so we’re checking on that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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