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    Oklahoma 12 outgoing, 3 incoming

    OKSt 11 outgoing, 3 incoming (includes OL, Josh Sills)

    West Virginia 11 outgoing, 1 incoming

    Texas 9 outgoing, 0 incoming, 1 left then pulled name out of portal

    Kansas 8 outgoing

    TCU 7 outgoing, 2 incoming, 1 left then pulled name out of portal

    Baylor 5 outgoing

    Iowa State 5 outgoing 1 incoming

    KSt  5 outgoing, i incoming, 1 left then pulled name out of portal

    Texas Tech 5 outgoing, 2 incoming

    Some of the transfers for WVU may be because of the coaching change.  But this is an alarming number.

    A quick look is that a big majority of the P5 Portal transfers are landing at lower level schools including DII.

    With the 73 Schollies on the BGN Schollie Count tab plus the 2 commits not yet signed and 1 WR transfer coming in the total should be about 76.  If we could have recouped 9 of the 10 net losses in the portal we would be at the 85 allowed.  But……. losing players to the portal is a loss not reclaimed.  Portal does have it’s consequences.  And it’s not over yet.  We could have more losses to the portal or some to grades, injuries or just leaving football.  Every program always loses a few players at the end of the spring semester.  We won’t see the 76 number hold up unless we hand out a number of schollies to walk ons.




    So 78 want out to get more playing time at schools below the Big 12 in quality level.

    And 11 want in to start for Big 12 schools.

    I don’t blame the 78 who want to play more. I mean, Kendall left for West Liberty. If he left for Alabama or Ohio State it would be alarming. The kids wants more playing time, even if it means dropping down several notches on the totem pole.

    78-11 is not a score reflective of the true situation. How many come in and start for Big 12 schools and how many left and start for Power 5 schools is the ONLY meaningful statistic.

    I don’t see much to worry about here. Hell, maybe WVU dropouts can try Marshall. It certainly would be easier to get playing time in Huntington than in Morgantown.


    WVU has had 20 people associated with football this year enter the portal, not 11.

    Of those, ten were scholarship players. Eight of those are leaving as graduate transfers.

    Eight others were walk-ons.

    Two were what I would term “procedural” entries. I can’t confirm they were ever on the team, or if so it was for a very brief time, but as the portal is the one means to make yourself known as a transfer, they enter anyway.

    One withdrew the request.

    Of the group, I would include

    Josh Sills

    Jovanni Stewart

    Jovani Haskins

    Kwantel Raines

    Tevin Bush

    as contributors of varying degrees.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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