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    Of all the accolades that are poured on the ASheShe, the B12 is better top to bottom.
    5 ranked teams
    #11 WVU
    #14 TCU
    #21 Baylor
    #24 TT

    AND unranked Oklahoma knocks off #3 Wichita St and OKSt bests #19 FSU.


    Kansas will still be in top 25 tomorrow with win at Nebraska. OU definitely top 25. OSU very close. And we haven’t even mentioned UT.
    Big XII, without question from top to bottom, toughest league in the country. 8 NCAA bids possible. Only downside is teams will eat each other.


    This league is going to be very entertaining to watch, but it could be a huge jumble. I don’t think there is an easy win anywhere, but on the other side, I don’t think there is a great team either. Kansas, at least at this point, looks vulnerable, and I’ve seen Texas a couple times, including last night when the Longhorns were very, very luck to beat a 5-4 Tennessee State team in Austin, and Texas has huge issues offensively. But while KU and UT haven’t been as good as some thought to this point, both are extremely talented, so we’ll see if they can get things straightened out. I still think at the end of the day, when teams start knocking each other off when conference play begins, it will be hard to get eight teams in the NCAA Tournament. Seven of 10 is tough enough.


    Texas could easily could have lost that game last night.  Texas goes up 1 with 9.5 sec to go.  Tenn St brings the ball up quickly and takes a friggin wild ass shot from 35 ft with 5 secs left….  AIR BALL …  They could have driven the lane and forced a foul for 2 shots.   Stupid move by inexperienced G’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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