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    Bandit: Same Name, New Position At WVU MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Take the terminology you learned from West Virginia’s old 3-3-5 odd stack defense and flush
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    So basically we are running a 3.5/3.5/4 rather than a 3/3.5/4.5

    The hybrid position has dropped down a level.


    We’ve had a lot of debates as to how you label this defense. Do you go by the number of players on the line to determine the 3 or 4, or do you or go by the number of guys with their hands on the ground? (If the latter, then WVU played a 0-5-6 defense on a few snaps in recent years when it went with the standup look.)

    Talked with several people about this, including Jed Drenning, and came to the conclusion that it’s tough to label, and that getting caught up in that kind of takes away from what the defense does.

    It’s true that the bandit is usually on the LOS. He’s usually in a two-point stance. But if WVU has the personnel and wants to, it can make the bandit into a fourth defensive lineman. Maybe we see that  a few times this year, but no guarantees. (Multiple coaches told me that is an option for this defense given the right personnel.)

    WVU has more LB types this year, so the bandit is more linebackerish. If it had a lot of defensive ends with excellent pass rushing skills, you might see a few more of those types there.

    The bandit isn’t the only hybrid position on this defense. The spear is, and so too in some respects is the will LB, who has more pass coverage responsibilities than a typical will.


    Apologies, I was just trying to be clever. Either way both systems were meant to get as much speed and as many play makers on the field as possible without completely sacrificing size. That’s my take.

    While the new system may not task the safety positions with as much run/rush responsibilities I can’t help but think if they are creative and open minded this could free Stewart up to have a huge season.


    That was funny! I should have said I laughed when I read it.

    Think you are right in your evals. I was struck that past the DL, there’s not a lot of 6-3 230 pounders running around. I’m the first person to preach not to get caught up in that, so I don’t mean to make it a big negative. If WVU can get the speed out there and get it to the right spots, as you say, then it should be ok on defense.

    Agree on Stewart. The spear position seems to be made for him.

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