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    Am I seeing the basketball schedule correctly? Everything is home until the second half of the season. Then it is all on the road after 1/29/22?

    Makes sense I guess.


    Has the B12 schedule been released?


    The 2021-22 Big 12 mens basketball schedule has not been released. Therefore, you are just seeing the list of conference games WVU will play this year. No dates are listed, so the order there right now is irrelevant.


    ok…but ya know it wouldn’t be a bad idea to schedule that way or would it?



    Sounds like a horrible way to schedule – second half of schedule all on the road?


    Mex, I was thinking in terms cutting down on travel…..Heck man I’m just shooting from the hip since my OP was shot down.



    I would hope B12 would schedule WVU away Sat/Mon or Sun/Tue every trip.


    I agree on road trips. For WVU to have two games during one trip makes sense. Friday, Sunday, or Saturday, Monday games makes the trips easier on the student in student- athletic.

    I suspect that life will be easier on the Mountaineers when divisions are set up. I believe that WVU would be in the East division, and would play just three or four road B/B games against the other division.

    If the Kansas schools are in the East division, and I suspect they may be, playing both schools on one trip would be good. Then,if the other East division could be played on the weekend (Oklahoma State?, as well as UCF being a weekend game, scheduling would be good. And, it would be better if Memphis was also added


    I would hope B12 would schedule WVU away Sat/Mon or Sun/Tue every trip.

    The Big 12 does this at least once, and sometimes twice, per season for WVU. Look at past schedules. However, other factors, including television windows, do not allow all of them to be scheduled in such a manner.

    In the future, it will be interesting to see how schedules are done. Will divisions be used in basketball and other sports also? Volleyball, due to Covid, modified its round-robin schedules last year and continued that practice this year. Teams still play each other twice, but not home and home. League schools travel to an opponent and play two matches on back to back nights. The next year the host team travels and returns the games.

    I think basketball coaches would scream about such an arrangement, but it does save money and travel.

    There will definitely be many scheduling issues to be considered.


    Kevin, hasn’t the baseball  schedule for years been the 3 game set away one year, home the next?  Don’t know if Basketball would ever move to this, but I could see every other sport doing it.


    Butlereer, Yes, baseball has long been scheduled in a manner where you travel to a conference school for one three-game series each season with no return date that year. Then you flip the next season, so volleyball is following that format, other than it being two games instead of three.  Soccer does not feature home-and-home scheduling, as those teams meet each conference opponent just once per season. Tennis is pretty much the same. Gymnastics and wrestling are similar, though they don’t always face every league opponent in the regular season anyway. Basketball does a conventional home-and-home each season, and as you said, I doubt that changes.


    Full schedule now out.

    2 consecutive away TX / TCU Jan 1 & 3 … Arkansas/ BU Jan 29 & 31  …  OK ST Kst Feb 12 & 14

    3 times B12 gives us a break.


    Eugene the PAC 12 schedules like that. When Arizona State goes to Oregon the play Oregon and then Oregon state the same when the roll through Washington. University of Arizona does the same thing. The also tend to stay in Cali when they play UCLA and USC. IMO it really smart to do it like that.


    Depending on how Saturday goes I ma be ready for basketball.


    Get ready now. I think this Sat will be ugly.

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