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    Basketball Season Tips With Gold-Blue Debut On Friday MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–West Virginia University will tip off the 2018-19 men’s basketball season with
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    Does anyone have information on WVU basketball’s scrimmage with Purdue next weekend in Columbus, Ohio? In previous years, they have played at Ohio Dominican University. Is this the site again next week? What time is the scrimmage set? Any information would be appreciated. I am hoping to watch it.


    The scrimmage with Purdue is closed to all but those with each basketball program. The NCAA does not allow coaches to even talk about the scrimmage or any results or stats to be publicized. Seems ridiculous to me, especially in these days and times when that information will be leaked anyway, but those are the rule.


    Cannot WAIT until this season gets underway!

    More excited each year.


    Blue Gold game teams weren’t split up evenly.


    Gold had the 4 of the top 5 Bigs

    Knapper logged the most mins at 35. West, McCabe, Harler, Harris all at 33. Haley, Konate at 31. Surprised that Esa only had 26, 4th lowest.


    Bolden not play?


    One big concern about Beetle – his wrist is still a problem with stretched/strained ligaments. Give the recent Nate Adrian\Lamont West situations, I really hope this doesn’t lead to another situation where he has to battle all year through it and then have surgery. Of course, just because Nate and Lamont had that, doesn’t mean it’s the same for Beetle, but it does make it leap to mind.

    He has been taped up for most of the preseason, and had it wrapped again at the GBD.

    Sorry, losing my mind here. Beetle didn’t play. He was out in warmups, and I was thinking he was out there for a while, but he wasn’t. So, that adds to the worries.


    Here’s the stats.


    Is there any concern about 3 pt Shooting?

    West is about as close to a pure shooter on

    the team?


    I consider Beetle a very good three-point shooter as well, but he remains hurt, Lamont West will be the only other proven weapon from outside. Esa Ahmad and Jordan McCabe will likely be next on the list, but both have to show what they are capable of in games. Of the other newcomers, Doomes and Haley don’t have great reputations for outside shooting. Matthews is wait-and-see.

    So in a long answer to your question about three-point shooting, if Beetle’s injury is long-term, yes, I’d say it is a concern, because at that point West is the only proven commodity.


    I’m going to add Wes Harris in the group of guys who have shown they can make threes. He’s not going to elevate and drain them over defenders, and his form looks a little funk because of his weird leg kick, but he can knock them down. I thought he looked good in the GBD.

    Talked about this a bit more in the “Thoughts” column on the front page, but I think WVU has several wings who can contribute from distance.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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