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    After Gabe enrolled, this changes the outlook for next year’s recruiting slightly.

    Here’s my best uneducated guess.  Yours????

    At this time we have 4 spots 3 graduating SR’s, G – Harler, F – Haley, C – Routt, Open Schollie.

    Before Gabe, I projected 6 recruits for next year.  I’m solid on 5 and still a possible 6.

    IMO we will need….

    1 PG/SG type….. (yet to be determined player departure)

    1 SG in the 6’3″ – 6’6″ range (Harler’s schollie)

    1 Wing (Haley’s schollie)

    1 PF (filled by Cottrell) (open schollie)

    1 PF/C type (Routt’s schollie)

    That would be the perfect lineup.  IMO we lose a G with remaining eligibility off the roster.

    The 6th could come from Culver or OT if they would happen to think they have progressed enough for the draft.  Or another G or Wing.  I’ll reserve that prediction till the end of Jan.  IMO we will see more than the 4 now projected openings.  Someone always leaves early.


    Have to admit I’ve been preoccupied with football, working on our next print editions and the site here.

    The numbers for the big forwards will definitely depend on the decisions of Oscar and Derek. If one or both decide to leave, then that bumps the number there up to two or three.

    WVU will definitely need two guards, and at least one that can handle it under pressure. Ideally, you get a couple that can handle both one and two positions, like Deuce McBride appears to have the ability to do. (He can also play the three according to Huggs, but getting guys like that are sometimes rare.

    Definitely need a wing guy that can shoot it from the perimeter, but the height isn’t so important as long as he can make some. Granted, it would be nice to get someone of Haley’s cross-positional skills, but recruiting doesn’t always fit exactly with hopes. If more guards are taken, WVU plays a smaller lineup, which at times it might do this year with three guards. Or, if there are bigger guys in the picture (and say both Oscar and Derek remain) then taking another one or two isn’t off the boards, because that sets up for a year of experience before the upperclass duo does leave.


    If both Culver and Tshiebwe leave after this year we are toast for at least the 20-21 season.  We’d have only Gabe and Emmitt as returning guys at the 3/4/5 and Gabe at this point won’t have any game experience.  Granted, Cottrell is a great recruit, but still no experience.  IMO it’s imperative that we land a C/PF type and another Wing/PF type in the 20 class as Culver and Tshiebwe won’t both be around to fininsh out their full 4 years.

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