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    Had a chance to talk about Matt Clement the other day at a party and asked him about Ethan Morton. Didn’t say much but did say he was taking his time deciding. Maybe he didn’t want to talk much because there were two other guys standing there wearing sPITT shirts. At least one site has downgraded our chances of landing him.


    Thanks Butler. WVU will be heavy in the guard market in that class.


    To the ’20 season at G we’ll have:
    rJR – Knapper
    JR — McCabe
    JR — Doomes
    SO — McBride

    and if you want to slot him as a SG
    JR — Matthews
    Some articles and sites already have him slotted as a SF type

    IMO we’ll take 2 G’s in this class

    It will be interesting to see how the Morton recruiting pans out. We were on him very early. But maybe this a case like Austin at KC, we both just faded apart. I know that Capel has it bad for both of these guys.


    This will be an interesting year. How quickly can Culver adapt? Can West regain his shooting form? Will Esa take that huge step forward that so many seniors have under Huggins? Can the young guards get it done? Will Konate play to his strengths or look to build on his outside skills? Will there be less reliance on the press with a front court dominant team? Lots of questions and I can’t wait to see what Huggins puts together.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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