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    Does their O remind you a little of early Beilein?  Lots of passing.  Lots of movement without the ball.  Lots of back door cuts.


    Check this out. If only we could dribble less, move more and pass accurately.


    Butlereer – good pickup. Basketball coaches I know love Bellarmine’s offense. The program is still adjusting to Division I after making the leap up from D-II a couple years ago, but its system is highly respected.


    For some reason this feels like a trap game for WVU to me… I have no idea why, but just a gut feeling. Thankfully I have been wrong numerous times before.


    Looks like Gabe will have to make his mark with deflections instead of charges in this one.


    Bellarmine lost to

    #2 Purdue

    #3 Gonzaga

    #5 UCLA

    So would WVU.


    Also lost to 

    Saint Mary’s, which won 6 in a row including Oregon and Notre Dame before losing to Wisconsin for impressive 7-1 start.

    But also to Murray State


    Before beating

    Central Michigan 1-5 with losses to DePaul, Gonzaga and Kentucky.

    Franklin 2-2 playing nobodies.

    Guess I under-estimated Bellarmine. The numbers slapped be beside the head with a 2×4.


    Anyone bring the candles?


    CFE – not sure why the negativity.

    Neal Brown doesn’t coach basketball & Doege doesn’t play basketball.  Thought you might leave the Schleprock feelings on the football side.


    This is going to be a painful year for WVU basketball too! Hope they get it together soon.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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