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    15 of 22 for 109 yards, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. Sacked 8 times for -35 yards. Net 74 yards and one turnover for the game. Horrible 3rd down conversion.

    If Greene does not start a game, and Neal Brown continues the blatant favoritism for Jarret Doege – I’m not buying season tickets next year.


    Doege did not have a good game. But, the score looked worse than the game results. Turnovers badly hurt the Mountaineers.

    In this game, often Oklahoma State was in the backfield not long after Doege received the ball. He had little time to make plays. Oklahoma State’s defense played a very good game. But, WVU’s defense also played well, allowing just 260 yards to Oklahoma State.

    Oklahoma State’s offense and yards gained against the Mountaineers was greatly helped by the Mountaineer’s two turnovers, and the large amount of yardage lost on the fumble, even though the Mountaineers recovered their fumble..

    Regardless of what happened in this game, WVU can’t make a trade for another QB. And,of the QBs on the team, Doege gives the Mountaineers the best chance for victory.

    Oklahoma State had just 182 passing yards to WVU’s 109 Oklahoma State had 78 rushing yards to WVU’s 25. The total yardage difference between WVU and Oklahoma State was 260 yards for Oklahoma States helped by the turnovers, and 134 yards for WVU.

    But, just the one Mountaineer fumble that the Mountaineers recovered cost the Mountaineers 25 rushing yards. ( can’t remember the exact number of yards lost) before the Mountaineers finally recovered their fumble, but know that it was approx. 25 yards.

    I can’t fully blame the interception on Doege when a defensive player took the ball away from the Mountaineer receiver


    Lots of excuses for a player who is inept against pressure and got sacked 8 times, was horrible on third down conversions, put zero points on the board, and threw more interceptions than TDs.

    All that and the kid was smiling as he looked to the sideline for play calls in the fourth quarter.

    He displays no passion as the supposed leader of the offense, does not play physical, and is not athletic enough to keep the ball in play behind this shaky offensive line unit. Continuing to put the ball in the hands of one of the least athletic players on our team is a mistake. Continuing to repeat those same mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

    Garrett Greene, while not polished at making passing progression reads, can at least keep plays alive and brings athleticism and physicality to an offense which is desperate to see a spark from the quarterback position. He at least gives the players around him something to get fired up about (see the positive rush where he slid and then the opposing player was penalized for targeting… that gives the offensive line motivation and brings passion back to the offense). I see an indifferent leader with Doege at the helm; there is no excuse to keep a sub-par athlete behind center when the line needs a Fran Tarkenton type of scrambler to extend plays.


    What I found very interesting in the post game interview, HCNB sounds like an mpeg video stuck in a loop…..

    we all pretty much know OSU beat our asses, what we want to know is how you are going to employ your coaching skills on how to improve.  To be fair he gets another year to turn it around, but I think he’s a little overwhelmed, shame he seems like a good guy, but you can’t argue that the questionable play calling, misuse of timeouts, critical stupid penalties, and the overall appearance of a program that isn’t getting better, I mean we all hate to lose, but it’s the way we lose that makes us question the future direction of the program.  Yeah I’m venting but watching Purdue upset Sparty, South Carolina bearing Florida, and watching LSU hang with Bama, with a “Lame Duck” coach, I miss the days when we look don’t look like the keystone cops out there



    Then don’t. But blaming that on Doege is ridiculous. OkSt’s DLine crushed, dominated, embarassed and humiliated WVU’s OLine. Major Harris couldn’t have done anything in this game.



    What questionable play calling? Please list the plays that WVU should be running.


    Then get rid of the one coaching this OL, disgusting!


    Blaming the starting QB is directly applicable for his role in not getting the offense rolling, being off target on several passes and failing to throw the ball to wide open receivers at least three times, being sacked 8 times, and putting zero points on the board and playing the game of football so dispassionately, blame rightfully lies squarely on the shoulders of Doege.

    Major Harris is 53 and could probably still do more behind this offensive line than Doege. Neal Brown is showing favoritism by refusing to give Garrett Greene a chance to run the offense.

    If Adam Bednarik never got injured, we would have never seen what Pat White could do because the coach at the time thought he knew better. As a coach when you are stubborn and keep sticking with a guy who is not getting the job done, you are failing the rest of the team by not playing the superior athlete at quarterback and building your offensive system around those strengths.

    Doege is the same quarterback who had to be benched against Army. Army! Austin Kendall had to rescue the team from Deoge and then he was sent packing after successfully pulling the team out of Doege’s slump. Doege is not an athletic quarterback and he shows no passion on the sidelines. That is the problem. Major Harris, Marc Bulger, Rasheed Marshall, Pat White, Geno Smith, Skyler Howard, Clint Tricket, Will Grier: those guys were playmakers who made stuff happen with their arm and their feet. Doege does not belong among that group and that is the heart of the problem with Mountaineer Football right now; he transferred in and was given the reins without really earning it – the product against the likes Army, Baylor, and Oklahoma State is proof of Doege’s ineptness due to his lack of athleticism.


    Obviously, Crowder is not ready yet and don’t want to burn a year of his.

    So Doege is the one right now.

    Greene has proved he isn’t the QB to lead this team.  Sorry.


    Kevin, I fully agree with you. The Mountaineers lost the game, but I can’t blame one individual. Three plays made the results appear worse.

    Normally the returners have been decent on ball security on punts and kickoffs. Today, one went through the returners hands that resulted in a TD for OSU.

    The recovered fumble that cost the Mountaineers field position, and twenty or more yards of rushing offense hurt the Mountaineers’ stats. I can’t remember the exact rushing yardage lost on that play.

    I don’t have a clue whether I’m correct, but I suspect that without that recovered fumble, and if the QB could have wasted some passes on just a portion of the sacks, WVU’s rushing would have been equal to or better than OSU’s 78 yards rushing.

    And, then the interception that cost the Mountaineers. Watching the game on TV, I couldn’t fully make out what happened. The announcers said the defender took the ball away from the receiver.

    I don’t know this without going back and checking, but I suspect that even with giving OSU those extra yards because of the turnovers, the Mountaineers may have held OSU to their lowest number of yards in any game this year. 182 yards passing and 78 yards rushing for a total of 260 yards. OSU played some great defense, but the Mountaineers also did so.

    This game came down to two defenses playing great ball. But, OSU’s offense and special teams made no killing mistakes, whereas, the Mountaineers’ made three.

    I don’t know whether the Mountaineers can win two of the next three games in order to play in a bowl game. I hope they can.

    Oklahoma State has a very good team, and they deserved the win because they were not guilty of killer errors, and the Mountaineers were.


    Doege has 2 major problems.

    1. He doesn’t trust his receivers in 50/50 situations so he doesn’t pass the ball to them.

    2. He doesn’t have a 4-second clock in his head, then throw the ball or run or throw it away.

    And the experiment with Doege, if it continues, will get Neal Brown fired. After all, NB is sub-.500 in his 2 2/3 seasons at WVU. That’s no endorsement for ANY coach.

    Trust the Climb? It’s more like Why Trust the Crime! 


    As good as Wyatt Milum was against ISU  , he regressed against OSU.


    At This point in the season we got what we got. JD looked very unsure of himself today. No confidence. OL was not prepared. Need to give JD play calls that don’t require to process so much… Seems that he has difficulty at times with reading things.  Keep it simple.  The “on and off” switching with Greene is not working. I think it screws up the whole chemistry on the field.  Coaches have done a poor job of figuring out how to use him effectively.


    Difference in the OL blocking was ISU brought 3 and OSU brought 4 and 5.

    Difference with Doege was that with ISU he had time to throw and OSU was in the backfield most every play.

    If Doege would have made the quick read and delivered the ball faster he wouldn’t have been sacked 8 times.  But he doesn’t have that in his playbook either.  Don’t know if it was the play calling that caused plays to develop slowly or JD’s inability to make the reads fast enough, but with a rush like OSU had we needed to get the ball out a lot faster.  There were a number of replays that showed open receivers that were missed.

    That being said, unfortunately Doege still gives us the best chance of winning ….. at this time.  Should Greene finish the rest of the year?  Well, if we want a chance to win 2 of our next 3 and go to a bowl Doege is our best bet.  KSt, TX and KU won’t put up the pressure like OSU did.

    Neal Brown has decisions to make.  Greene doesn’t seem to be the solution.  Crowder isn’t ready and we need him to RS.  Well, with a max 4 games left we could use use him the rest of the year.


    Do you think Coach Brown has tried that with Greene in practice or not?



    If you were given the reigns of the WVU Offense and you decided to start G Greene and play him for the majority of the game, how would you utilize him? The receivers? What type play calling would you employ? How would you adjust HIM if opposing Defenses loaded the box to force the pass?  “Enquiring” minds want to know.


    You would have to go with a lot of RPO’s and try to spread out the D to the sidelines.  Short throws over the middle.  Limit the long ones to the sidelines.  Let the receivers work the field to get the most YAC yardage.  Burning a couple downs with seam passes downfield to try to keep the D honest.


    Well it was obvious OSU was ready for Greene’s entrance into the game. They were on him like flies on roadkill. He is a one trick pony right now.

    What is the old saying? It’s not the X’s and O’s, it’s the Jimmys and Joes.

    In a nut shell, we lack talent.It’s was painfully obvious to me yesterday the talent disparity between WVU and Okie St. That disparity extends into the coaching ranks as well.


    I look back at the RR days and the athletes he put on the field with his offensive acumen was special.

    Looking back, instead of Pastilong getting into a pissing contest with Rod. He should have given him everything he wanted.


    If WVU cannot establish the run, they might as well pack it up and go home.

    There’s a lot to say of the QB, Doege not seeing the field with Ok State pressure in his face all afternoon.  Greene coming in and fumbling the ball backwards 30 yards destroying a drive.

    It was 10-3 and WVU was getting the ball back before the muffed punt.  That was the end of all hope.

    Oklahoma State has the top defense in the country.  Time to hit the road again and find two more wins to get to that bowl!



    What questionable play calling? Please list the plays that WVU should be running.

    Kecin, my point was not specific to this game but as a whole over the past 3 seasons.  If you want to see specifics for yesterday, there were several pointed out by Dan Orlovsky who I thought was on point yesterday regarding a lot of things

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