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    Did I not hear Dan Orlovsky say several times that WVU had the best Offensive Line in the Big 12? I am sure I did.


    Without the Mountaineers miscues, Oklahoma State’s offense was not great. Their defense was excellent.

    Much of the difference in scoring in this game was due Mountaineers unforced errors, and the Mountaineers not being able to slow down Oklahoma State’s defense to protect the Mountaineers QB. The Mountaineers defense also has a lack of experienced defensive backs.

    Even with Oklahoma State being given extra yardage due to turnovers, Oklahoma State had just 260 total yards of offense, 182 passing yards and 78 yards rushing. That’s not nearly enough offense to win many games.

    Without the turn overs, the offensive numbers between the teams would have been very similar. And, as it was, there was just 126 yards difference in offense between the teams.

    IMO, with the better recruiting classes being brought in, Mountaineer football will improve.

    I don’t remember the actual record between the two teams in B-12 play, but I think that Oklahoma State now leads WVU in head to head competition by three or four wins.


    Yes,Orlovsky did say that.



    We’ve lost 7 in a row to Okie State.


    Crowder may become a very good QB. But, in high school, he was given a three stars rating. So he was judged to be a little behind other QBs. He’s a true freshman, so he has some needs to work on this year.

    Yet, some of you are advocating to start him now? That would be a huge mistake, and could really hurt him in the scheme of things. It may be different if he was a four or five stars QB. But he isn’t, but has potential to become very good if handled the proper way. Starting him now is not the proper way.


    Crowder shouldn’t start.  Don’t even consider it.  But he needs a few series every game from here on out.  Either that or give Greene more time behind center and leave him in for a few series in a row.  NB needs to find out who is going to be the QB next year and get a head start on it right now.

    On the other hand, if we eek out a W vs KSt next week with Doege running the show does NB go with him primarily against TX?  TX is a friggin dumpster fire.  Even with all of those 4* and 5* recruits they just can’t seem to get it together.  Dropped from #15 week 2 to 2-4, 4-5 ….  Same as WVU.

    Do we have a chance to win out?  If NB thinks at least 2 games are winnable we will go primarily with Doege.   If not, get ready for next year.


    Doege and HCNB will continue to be blamed for losses; I get that.

    What I don’t get is people, fans, alum that want Brown fired & Doege benched and some how that will make things better.

    This is a 6 win program at best folks. Get over it.  They may not win again until 2022. If you’re waiting for better performances; you’re gonna have to wait for better players. So in the meantime, get up off your ass, donate to the MAC, speak highly of the U and program, in your area, or get the F*** out.


    Oh what a difference a week makes. Let’s see what happens next week. The argument that Brown let’s Doege play when he should pull him due to favoritism ignores the fact the Brown pulled Doege in the bowl game last year.  Pure BS.


    WVU has 6 seniors on the entire squad!
    Ok.St. Had 7 seniors and 2 5 year jrs. just on defense!
    Don’t have the numbers but think it’s pretty much the same on offense!
    What did we have on offense around Doege?
    In terms of experience the game seemed to be a grade school team playing a high school team.
    If adjustments were needed by either team, which one would be more likely to be able to succeed!?
    BTW, has Greene ever made a pass down field?


    Oklahoma & Oklahoma State are simply better programs than WVU football.

    WVU has been playing well with the Texas schools, but these two powerhouses from Oklahoma simply OWN the Mountaineers until further notice.


    Some comments:

    • I can’t think of a QB out there that could’ve had success against the rush of OSU yesterday – I’ve watched a lot of football in my years and very few times have I ever seen that level of almost constant pressure
    • OSU was not bringing 4 very damned often – they were consistently bringing 5 and occasionally 4 or even 6 – when they bring 5, it makes it one on one for the O-Linemen and they get no help other than a RB or a TE, who might just be in the pattern
    • The only snowball chance in hell of establishing the run against the OSU defense is to go straight at them – they’re too damn fast a foot and quick of reflex to go outside, or even just off-tackle
    • Dear God NO – do NOT give Greene any RPO plays – he’s shown me that’s why he isn’t getting more playing time because like 9 out of 10 times he has a RPO play call, he runs – give Greene defined run plays OR defined pass plays, but don’t give him a choice – the game has NOT slowed down enough for him to make those decisions

    Greene needs more speed option plays to his right* considering he is a right handed quarterback… no way Greene gets sack 8 times versus OSU. I liked the loaded backfield which Neal Brown showed last game. We need a game plan around Greene in which Reagan cuts the field in half and simplifies his reads (like the Steelers did with Ben Roethlisberger his first year). Next year Doege will be the same quarterback that he was this year and the year prior – we have seen how Doege folds when pressured; that IS who he IS. Doege has poor mobility in the pocket, cannot extend plays, and cannot hit open receivers with pressure in his face. The offensive line makeup will be the same next year as it was this year – coaches need to re-evaluate their talent and go back to the drawing board. Without elite tackles – Doege is not part of the solution to offensive productivity.

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve heard commentators speak about Neal Brown’s commitment to the running game. If that is the case, let’s see more spread option with a dual threat quarterback and 300 yard rushing games like we had from 2004-2008.

    I stand by Neal Brown as a coach, but question his favoritism of Doege. Ditch Doege, Back Brown. We need a quarterback who can bring back physicality, athleticism, and leads the offense passionately. Look at the opposing QBs we have faced this year… Tagovailoa, Purdy, Bohanon, Rattler/Williams, Sanders, Burmeister; I would take every one of them instead of Doege because the are not one dimensional and deserve to be D1 athletes.


    To be fair, Major is 50+ years old.


    Can’t bench Doege just yet, don’t want to burn Crowder’s redshirt if we can still make a bowl.



    I may be wrong… but am pretty sure Crowder can play in 4 games this year without burning his redshirt.


    Correct MSL.  4 games allowed to retain a RS.  KSt, UT, KU.  Bowl if we win 2 of 3.

    Question is what is the plan for this year and leading into next?  Doege is the starter and should be.  Plan around his competencies.  Then how much time does Greene or Crowder get?  You have to get somewhat ready for next year.  At the same time you don’t want to throw away 3 winnable games this year.


    Why should Doege be the starter behind the exact same offensive line next year? We will run into the same issues unless a Doege starts working really, really hard on plyometrics, agility in the pocket, and speed drills.

    If we lose one more game the rest of the season is just garbage time; let Greene throw even if it’s more interceptions than TDs… that would be better for his film study than watching Doege get sacked 8 times and failing to throw the ball to wide open receivers.


    Crowder already has played in one – LIU


    Butler, I agree. Don’t even think about starting him this year. But, you could put him in a series to see how he handles himself. Then, if he does well, perhaps more.

    Although I continue to repeat myself, I fully believe that Doege gives the Mountaineers the best chance to win games.


    Stills, you said it a little more rough than I would have. But, I get your point and agree.

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