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    Doege gives WVU the best chance at winning right now, it’s that simple. He’s a more capable passer than Greene (again, right now). I don’t attend practices (and doubt most posters on here do) but I trust this coaching staff to go by what they see in practice and give WVU the best chance of winning.

    Yes, 3 to 4 of those sacks could be on Doege as Orlovsky showed he had WRs open and didn’t see them. But, the other sacks were simply because OK St played some serious D.

    Brown is doing his best with the QB position. We all know that when he came, WVU was in a QB crisis. He brought in who he could at the time. Being from a small school, it wasn’t like he could bring some 4 and 5 star recruits with him. We all see and (I think) agree that recruiting is on the rise. If Nicco stays committed, in my opinion, Brown gets 2 more years before anyone should even question letting him go. Now, should some other position coach changes happen this off-season? Possibly. I’ll give you that.


    But, as for now, R-E-L-A-X!! The team is just trying to win every game they possibly can!!!


    Many continue to say that Doege is a favorite of Coach Brown, and he is playing because he is Brown’s favorite.

    IMO, Doege is playing because he gives the Mountaineers the best chance of a win. If the Mountaineers had a better option, the better option would play, just as there was a QB change in 2019..

    Think of it this way, playing behind Doege is a red shirt freshman, and a true freshman. Neither of these players are ready to lead the Mountaineers. Yet, I continue to read posts saying bench Doege.

    I don’t think those posters that want to bench Doege are aware of how high level football operates and what it takes to have a successful program if the school doesn’t continually field top ten or fifteen ranked classes.

    As been written, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. And if there are two schools that will play a number of games against each other, that school that has ten continual top ten classes, and the other team has ten classes of top thirty classes, almost always the school with the top players will win the series.

    That’s where WVU is right now. Recent Mountaineer classes have been a number 40 class, and a number 51 class. Folks WVU needs more talent on the field. The outgoing coaching staff left the cupboard bare, especially at the QB spot. It was late in the game when Brown became coach. When he looked, he did not have a serviceable B-12 QB on the roster.

    Brown got two QBs from the portal to start the 2019 season. He brought in a QB in his 2020 class. He brought in another with his 2021 class. The upcoming class will be his third class.

    Neither of these QBs that are on the Mountaineers roster are ready for prime time. One is a red shirt freshman and the other is a true freshman.

    IMO, instead of blaming Brown for not having a QB, blame the one responsible, Dana.


    So far he’s played one. So he could see action in the last three games.

    But, the Mountaineers are playing for a spot in the bowl system. Doege give the Mountaineers the best chance for wins. So, I doubt that Crowder will see much, if any action in the next two games.

    And, unless the Mountaineers either win both games or lose both games, I doubt that you see much of him in the Kansas game.


    I don’t agree. ad long as there’s a chance for a bowl game, and the team gets the additional practice time to prepare for the game, you go for it.

    Of course, it the Mountaineers would lose the games against Kansas State and Texas, then the Kansas game could be to show case for next year, and both Greene and Crowder would get some time on the field.


    I know how high level football used to operate at WVU when I worked for Mike Barwis and Rich Rodriguez in 2007, then later for Mike Joseph. That was probably the deepest WVU squad ever fielded and there weren’t too many 4 star recruits from what I can remember (besides Noel Devine). The difference is not so much recruiting class ranking* as much as it is recruiting players who fit in your system.* Neal Brown wants to run a pro style offense – unfortunately we do not yet have the players to run that system (along the offensive line). Jarrett Doege is the best pro style quarterback currently on the roster – I’ll give him that. Goose Crowder has the most potential for a pro style quarterback currently on the roster. But if we wanted to be more successful this year, the offensive staff should have cultivated a read-option offense around Garrett Greene because we do not have two offensive tackles that can adequately protect a pro style quarterback.

    Go back to 2004-2005. Adam Bednarik was the starting quarterback and Rodriquez was trying to run a pro style offense. It was not working. Bednarik gets injured, in comes Pat White and Rodriquez/MacGee stick with more of the spread option – boom instant success. While I am not saying Garrett Green is the next Pat White… I am saying he does not get sacked 8 times in a single game. He probably wouldn’t even get sacked 10 times in a single season – while he is not as good as Doege at going through passing progressions, he also will not have the negative rushing plays that end offensive drives. Greene is capable of being a more than serviceable quarterback in the right offense – that’s just not what Neal Brown wants to run here. It crazy because he claims to want to lean heavily on the run, but he doesn’t want a quarterback who can do that. I have to admit it was exciting to see the passing offense open up with Geno Smith under the tutelage of Dana Holgorsen and Jake Spavital. Then there was Clint Trickett followed by Will Grier. The passing game has been exciting since Dana brought the Hal Mumme/Mike Leach “Air Raid” offense to Morgantown and Neal Brown hope to continue to build on that legacy long term… I’m okay with that too. But going into this season when you take a fair assessment of the players that you DO have… Air Raid was never going to work. Further, unless we get some big name tackles to commit in the off-season – the Air Raid offense is likely to fail again next year behind the same offensive line with the same quarterback. We could have Tom Brady behind this line and we’d be likely to have just as many sacks. That is my point.

    The offense that Neal Brown insists on running is NOT multifaceted. Based on the players that we DO have on offense… our best option for both this year and next year would have been to cultivate a more rush heavy spread option where Garrett Greene reads the end crashing on Parker Moorer or John Hughes (possibly Milum, but prefer not to start an underdeveloped true freshman until he has been through at least one off-season of strength & conditioning). I miss the days when our offense was putting up over 300 rushing yards in a single game. Kay Jay Harris, Rasheed Marshall, Avon Cobourne, Quincy Wilson, Pat White, Steve Slaton, Owen Schmitt, Darius Reynaud, Dorrell Jalloh, Tito Gonzales, Wes Lyons, Brad Starks, Brandon Hogan, Nate Sowers, Alric Arnette, Jock Sanders… how many of them were four star recruits?

    I didn’t become a diehard fan of the mountaineers until 2004, but in 2007 this is the team which I woke up at 4:30 am to work with almost every day for a year and a half:

    It’s not all about recruiting stars… that team could have beaten every team in the BigXII and many of those players went on to have careers in the NFL. One of them that stood out the most to me as a leader is not who you’d think (not Pat White). Tito Gonzales. He was a disciplined leader who went through every rep, every detail in practice, like it was a game situation. Positioning at the line of scrimmage, clean snaps without false starts, blocking his tail off, hustling the whole time, and practicing catching in every on-field situation he could think of… that IS what makes successful mountaineer football.

    Top to Bottom that team was the closest brotherhood of a team that I have ever seen; and Neal Brown is doing a great job of creating that family type of camaraderie in his program. Where I want to see changes is in offensive philosophy… it can’t be the same every year, the coaches owe it to their players to cater their offense to the strengths of the players they currently have until they are able to recruit the players for the offensive philosophy the want to have long term – and that is my honest assessment of the coaching shortcomings of this staff.


    If Greene was good at reading when to hand it off and when to run you might have an argument.  But he has had chances to do that and failed.


    If Greene is not the QB that Brown wants to run his offense then why recruit him as a dual threat/running QB…. If that’s the case don’t plan on Greene being around much longer as he’s a square peg in a round hole and Brown will be back to square 1 with no experienced quarterback for a couple years…This makes no sense


    You mean if Neal Brown and company were good at coaching* Garrett Greene to run the read option… show me one example of Neal Brown coaching an offense that routinely ran the read option effectively

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