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    I have watched a lot of WVU basketball in my time and that was one of the best all around games any WVU team has every played. I thought back to the Beilein teams and the Final Four squad, even the recent teams that had such a great winning atmosphere, but never have I seen every facet of the game on display quite like last night. Sure there were some 3 point epic shooting games in the past, but have we ever had a front court quite like this one?

    The defense is remarkable, that’s 8 consecutive opponents held under 65 points. The offense was efficient last night. WVU shoots 57% and had 20 assists as a team. Gabe Osabuohien had 5 of the assists. The passing last night was tremendous, especially feeding the low block to our bigs. McClure as the TV analyst made some strong observations relative to how great this squad can be and actually is at this point in time. Our shooters off the bench got into a groove, the sheer dominance in the front court was on display, and it’s not like TCU doesn’t have a solid squad with a quality front court of their own, they were just incapable of doing anything to stop the mighty Mountaineers last night.

    It’s one game, it’s also nice to play at home for a bit since WVU has been on the road most of the previous month, but if WVU’s offense can play at a consistent level and the defense continues to do damage, the sky is the limit. Okay, I’m excited, it’s only January and there’s A LOT of basketball left and a lot can change, but right now WVU is as good as any team in the nation.

    Back on the road to Kansas State Saturday. LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!


    In support of OP post:

    Oklahoma State scored 41 points. Season average: 68.6.
    Kansas scored 60 points. Season average: 79.5.
    Ohio State scored 59 points. Season average: 76.1.
    Texas Tech scores 54 points. Season average: 75.1.
    TCU scores 49 points. Season average: 71.7.

    WVU held those 5 teams a combined 108 POINTS BELOW THEIR SEASON AVERAGES!!! That’s 21 point per game per team below their season averages!
    #3 Kansas. #11 Ohio State. #22/#21 Texas Tech, 1st place Big 12 3-0 TCU. Not exactly chopped liver.
    Huggins Heroes’ Pitbull Defense has to be the best in the country.

    From the YOUNGEST team in the Big 12 which means the sky really is the limit for this year!


    Good perspective, and good points!

    I’m not sure how good TCU is, their three wins wer over the bottom three teams in the league, and I think they’re more likely to finish eighth than they are fifth or sixth. But, WVU seized control pretty early on and didn’t let them make an appreciable run.

    Not to look too far ahead, but WVU has a chance to build a nice little streak in the next couple of weeks. The back end of the schedule is loaded, so getting some wins banked now is very important.


    Total domination. From the starters to the end of the bench. Total domination. Don’t care that TCU isn’t a great team. They still have some very good players and we took it to them.


    I’m with KK. Let’s not get too excited in exposing what will prove to be a rather pedestrian team. If they get to 20 wins I’ll be a bit surprised. That said they have enough talent to suggest our execution was very good, even if with far superior players and athletes.

    We are making strides and pieces coming together nicely but let’s not make too much of dismantling a team built on a very shaky foundation.


    we have 4 games left against KU, BU, and TT. I would like us to go 2-2, or better, in those games. In our other 11 remaining B12 games I really hope we can go undefeated. Difficult, not impossible, always possible to let one you should win slip away. I’d like to at least get to the finals of the B12 tournament. And I want them to be playing their best ball of the year during the 2nd half of March. A lot to wish for but not impossible. We need to improve our shooting from the floor, improve our foul shooting, and reduce turnovers. If all that happens I will not care what our seed is or what region we are in. I’ll simply say let the games begin.

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