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    What a shock!
    Went to pick up a copy of the Sunday Columbus Dispatch
    Normally a two buck purchase. Clerk, “Five dollars, please” .
    I started to laugh until a firm stare gave me different thoughts.
    She appeared new so I asked her to recheck the price with
    the manager. She was right according to the mgr who indicated they had received a memo from the Dispatch that due to
    “Rising Costs” the increase was necessary. I checked another
    store. Five bucks!
    Trying to reason a 150 % jump I wondered if this might be a trial
    ballon to see how it went? After all, they could lose half their
    customers, which they know ain’t happening, and still come
    out ahead of where they were! .???
    We’ll see what appens in the future.
    Is the economy that good?


    Wondering is that just the newsstand price, and you get it for less if you are a subscriber?


    According to the Dispatch that rate increase was for off the shelf

    sales and is the first since 2009. Subscription rates are reviewable

    every six months and the rate increase will take effect as renewals

    occur. However, On line Groupon is offering subscriptions for

    the Sunday paper for 2.50 ! Go figure!?



    Tariffs on Canadian paper products have pushed the price of newsprint up dramatically. That might account for part of the price increase.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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