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    Two things that I reread in the paper edition last week that were worthwhile.

    #1 was that Kevin listed the 40 times for all recruits.  Interesting that this shows up now.  40’s used to be a staple of all recruiting stats for years.  Remember when RR  recruited that a very high number of his guys were 4.4 or better.  Speed kills.

    Next was the article on the 4 man DL.  KK’s statement in the first paragraph that “there have been a vocal number of critics claiming that the system is fundamentally flawed” …. referring to the odd stack with 3 DL.   I’ve been a critic of this for years.  It all starts with the beef up front.  Both DL and OL.  Get the numbers of recruits on both sides up.  Put 4 guys on the DL that can play with their hands in the dirt.  IMO this puts more pressure on the QB and allows us to bring a 5th in multiple formations when needed.  That 3 man DL package gives the QB way too much time to pick us apart.  Even Doege can hit guys downfield when he has time. (oops….. wrong thread 🙂 )


    RR started with the 3-3-5 stack because he just didn’t recruit DL.  And this has carried thru for almost 20 years.  Nice to see that we have a coach that respects the beef up front.  There is a time and place for a 3 DL.  Using it as the base D for most every play has its problems.


    They still sending out paper editions?



    Yep.  Old school here.  Also like the 4 color magazines that Greg and Kevin do.

    Premium membership has its privileges.


    You have to subscribe to it, Tony. It’s not free.

    Call 304-626-1410 and tell the Subscription Desk that you want to subscribe to the Blue & Gold News print edition.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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