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    I love it….this version of the Big 12 was the 2nd best scenario after an ACC invitation… would not have liked the 3rd option.   I’m very happy with 3 out of 4 of those new schools and satisfied with Houston, if I had my choice I’d take Memhis and their Fed-Ex sponsors over Houston, but I’m cool with it this way…..I believe this league can get 20-25 million per year, per school in revenue….when playoff expansion happens, and it will, the Big 12 will get an auto bid to that playoff and its a very winnable league, and finally the Big 12 has Autonomy 5 status.  Now I would prefer the ACC but this might have some very cool advantages.


    Okay…..BYU has scheduling issues primarily related to non revenue sports… does WVU and Cincinnati and UCF could face similar problems… solution would be for the next Big 12 Comissioner, say Oliver, could permit BYU, WVU, Cincinnati,  and  UCF to be Football and Basketball members only…..allowing each school to park non revenue sports in local small conferences which would alleviate travel expenses and take away BYU’s scheduling headaches.


    I mean we can start 8 threads naming our various preferences for schools but it doesn’t mean anything.   As far as the four proposed,  it’s not bad.   Is it my choice?  Nope.  And I’d rather join one of the other p5 conferences as well.   But if that’s what we can get its not awful.


    I like what the Big 12 is doing, but at the same time, I can’t anticipate all of the ramifications of expanding with these 4 schools.  In other words, I don’t know it all, or even very much.  But those are the 4 schools I would have chosen.  They are quality programs, and even without the Treacherous Two, Big 12 football will still be fun to watch.  We can work around the BYU scheduling issues.   We’re going to have to do something to increase revenues, and that will mean higher ticket prices.  Don’t moan about it.  If you’re serious about WVU’s football future, you’ll have to pay up.  That’s reality.   Speaking of reality, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet that convinces me that a lot of our fans (1) don’t understand how serious this is and (2) have unrealistic views about WVU’s power to determine its own future.  Some folks act like getting an invitation to the ACC or even the SEC is no problem at all.  Gee just needs to pick up a phone and call a few people.  It’s incredible.  I don’t think the ACC or B1G is going to expand soon.  Why would they?  Their response to the crisis is the alliance.  The SEC has no reason to expand further.  The Jilted 8 need to hang together and find 4 to 6 good football programs to join them. That seems like the only realistic option for now.  I’ve gotten tired over the decades hearing about this illusion we’re always pursuing–i.e., ACC membership.  They’re snobs.  They don’t want us.  Period.


    How any WVU fan would want byu in the conference is just a down right head scratcher.  Please please byu turn down the invitation if it comes, or please please WVU get the heck of this sinking ship.


    Not sure the hatred for BYU???? Not ideal but nothing is in this scenario.

    Contingency is the word of the moment and we need multiple contingencies.


    I hate the idea of Houston coming in. Another Texas school. Not fond of BYU joining but they are a school that brings in viewers from all over the country. So I can accept that, however more travel. Memphis is okay on the basketball side but football not a plus. UCF, like them. They are a school working their way up. It also is Florida so recruiting would be easier. I am at a loss to think of others schools that would help our conference.
    I would make these changes after we get as much out of the two traitor money hungry schools leave. ESPN and it’s big money has changed the college sports scene forever. Unfortunately, I think in a terrible way. They (ESPN) run sports not the NCAA or colleges. So sad! Lastly, I just want to be in a league that gives us the opportunity to go the the championship…

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)
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