Big 12 Invites Four, Completing Rapid Expansion

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    As expected, the Big 12 Conference has extended membership invitations to four schools to join the league. The conference’s Board of Directors, made u
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    Although i am not a BYU to B12 fan, this is a great move.


    Just like with sick dogs, wrap the pill (BYU) around a piece of bacon (UH, UC, UCF) and everything will be OK.


    Byu will sink this conference.

    New look Big12 by the end of the decade
    East Division – UCF, USF, Cincy, Memphis, Houston, Baylor
    West Division – Boise, Brigham, Wyoming, Colorado St., TCU, SMU


    Tyler, I’m very poor in reading the future. You may be very good, but what brings you to that conclusion?

    I doubt the B-10, ACC, and SEC will expand to include all those schools not listed. I also think there’s as much chance as the B-12 absorbing ACC schools, as vice versa.

    Of course, I know nothing, and have no clue what will be happening. I do believe, because of finances, there will come a time that all conferences will dissolve, and the deadwood cast away.

    Afterwards four conferences will form under the same leadership. They will be formed along regional lines.

    I don’t know what they’ll decide is the correct number of schools in the super conference, forty,fifty or sixty, or what?

    But, I do believe that it will happen, but doubt that it’s within this decade. Perhaps, that change will occur between 2040 and 2050.

    It’s all about the money and their willingness to share.


    I’m now almost certain that the P5 conference that will cease to exist, will be the ACC.  In about 2036 the ACC media contract will expire and the SEC will drive thru it like a tornado in a mobile home park…..Clemson, FSU, and I believe VT and NCSU will be poached by the SEC….once the SEC has ACC blood on its hands the “benevolent” sweethearts of the B1G will rush to rescue UNC, UVA and maybe Duke and Georgia Tech….the ACC will be dying with leftovers Miami, Wake Forest, Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse, Boston College and maybe Duke and GT (depending on what the B1G wants) will be desperate as hell.   The Big 12 will be far stronger and could take all of the ACC leftovers and Memphis or any combination of those…..the result is 4 POWER conferences….SEC, B1G, PAC and our Big 12


    I believe BYU will be good for the conference. They have proven many times they can compete. We are never going to be able to replace OU and Tx for fan base and $$$ so we go with what is believed by people with knowledge more than most of us combined is the best for the conference. Colorado State just ain’t gonna move the needle. We can still invite other programs like Memphis if needed. Let’s just see what shakes out. BYU has no real cost to join. I don’t think The Mountain West has a lot of power

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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