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    On Friday, the Big 12 Conference officially announced the addition of four new members – BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati and Houston – but league com
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    It is change and probably will keep the Big 12 as a  power 5 conference.   I have been betting since this started that Oklahoma and Texas will not stay around years.  It would not surprise me if this is their last season in the Big 12 but if not then 2022 will be their last.



    Thats interesting. Some decent competition in that crowd. And we will see Holgerson again. Hope we embarrass him heavily.


    WVU is the only one of the 8 that didn’t welcome the new members, Hmmmm…..


    JAL, if you think they are leaving early it would either be they will simply walk away and let the courts decide what their cost is which they could then challenge so they delay as long as possible paying what has been decided; or, they try to negotiate a settlement against what they owe and offer a % of that which saves the cost of litigation; or, they walk away, fight in court to reduce their costs, then negotiate against the judgment in exchange for not appealing and fighting the judgment.

    Based on those possibilities what do you think their liability actually is and what amount do you think the B12 would accept in lieu of litigation?  Just curious how you think their leaving early is accomplished and at what cost.


    All 8 remaining schools voted YES to invite them….that includes WVU…..what more of a welcome do you want?


    WVU is the only one of the 8 that didn’t welcome the new members, Hmmmm…..

    Where did you see this?  WVU voted Yes.


    Talking about news release, ie twitter etc…

    But since I posted that, WVU came out tonight and did.


    The Big12 said it was unanimous for their press release, but behind the scenes I wonder if it truly was.  I have my doubts.


    Tyler if they didn’t have a super majority that’s 8 it can’t pass. If someone voted against it snd they hid it, it will come out. Who care what the covered wagon and mutant cows did said or anything. I accept them because I have to


    It keeps being stated/reported/claimed or whatever you want to call it, but UT and OK no longer have a seat at the table of the B12 Board of Directors, who vote on all things B12.  So it is not that they no longer have a vote, they do not even have a seat or presence in the room.

    Only the 8 remaining members have a vote and a super majority of the 8 members is 6 members.  Regardless of the discussions that took place before the formal vote, which is certainly the time to have whatever discussions you want to have, when it came time to vote all 8 voted yes.


    Saw an article about when the SEC expects UT and OK to join the conference and the SEC commish is continuing to say for the 2025 season.  Sorry, did not copy the link and I did not see the article again.

    It would be to the B12’s advantage to add all the new members as quickly as possible, even if it means buying the AAC school’s out of their commitment.  Their buyout is a relatively modest $10 million each versus the $75-80 million each for UT and OK.

    By getting them in early we could go to divisions, which would be nice for travel and scheduling.  Also, it would give the new members a chance to compete against both UT and OK before they leave, demonstrating their level of play against the “name brands” of the conference.

    Thoughts, if anyone is interested, on what a reasonable amount might be to get them in conference early and how early should that be?


    As long as we don’t have to play byu at all in any sport during the regular season, then whatever.


    Tylerite, why the anti BYU sentiment in a lot of your posts?


    Made the only moves available to him but still seems Bowlsby is playing chess against Kasparov.


    It wasn’t the only moves to make and it wasn’t even the best move either.


    Byu is like a mini ND, pure……………..over inflated ego.


    And that’s the reason you think they’ll single handedly be the end of the big 12?

    I mean, I wasn’t for BYU by any means,  but at some point we know where you stand.


    You should of known from the beginning


    IMO the reason BYU is the way they are is because the Big Boys Like Notre Dumb, Alabama, Oklahoma and others believe BYU is just a blip on the radar or 1 hit wonder. BYU is a quality program and to be honest they are a better fit in the Big12 then we are. They have a great following fan base they have their own TV channel that is on most cable companies line up west of the Mississippi. So far they have best 2 PAC12 schools in a row and it may be 3 by next Sunday as they play Arizona State at home. They can compete as well as us.


    Sorry, I just can’t get excited about the new additions. We might as well be in CUSA…(hyperbole)

    The ACC is where we need to be.Period.

    Which is better? To be in the top tier of a mediocre conference or in the middle of the pack in a true power conference?

    I’ll take door #2.


    PS..It’s hard to believe that teams like TCU,Okie St,Texas Tech,Iowa State aren’t looking elsewhere too.

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