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    I just read an article from 2011. I probably read that article many years ago, but forgot.
    The article was why a change was made from Bill Stewart to Dana Holgerson.

    According to the article the change was made because of ticket sales. When Bill became head coach at WVU, season ticket sales were 38,000.

    In 2010, season ticket sales had dropped to 34,000. According to the article, in 2010, there was just one stadium sell out.

    They needed to do something to bring back the interest in Mountaineer football. That change was to change coaches.


    Very good position coach. Nuff said.


    I think it had to do with the perception of the man leading the program and perhaps his small world view of WV football (in the eyes of Luck and many influential donors).

    That and the brand of football… offense stocked with talent wasn’t producing exciting football. Fan interest was slowly waning… enter the “hotshot”.


    I still and always will think he got screwed.


    “Nuff said.”

    Well, maybe in your opinion.

    As to whatever that article said (would like to see a link) it ignores many facts in making that very short-sighted conclusion. The triumvirate of Pat White, Steve Slaton and Owen Schmitt drove those record season ticket sales, but they were all gone after 2008. WVU was still winning, but not 10 games per year. And we’d kill for 34K season ticket sales today. Blaming all that on Stew is like blaming the QB for every loss. Easy to do, but wrong.

    OL wanted a dynamic offense and the passing game he saw in the southwest while he was in Houston. That did spark bringing in Dana and the move away from the more eastern style of Stew.  However, it didn’t help with season ticket sales, which other than a momentary bump from joining the Big 12 have continued to decline, due to a number of factors.


    Haven’t done something at WVU since he left!

    Here’s a question:

    What would WVU have to do to fulfill the phrase, “WE’RE BACK”?


    Tony, get better than a D2 QB???


    wasn’t about Bill Stewart, or that loser dana h…or ticket sales…it was simple about oliver luck advancing his career. he is a lawyer…talk talk talk. look what it has done since, bouncing around from job to job. now it has it’s nose back in the little 12…how will WVU get screwed this time ???????????







    I still and always will think he got screwed.

    Each to his own thoughts.  I think the person that got screwed was Calvin.  Bill penned and delivered a good speech.  Calvin penned and executed one of the best game plans we’ve ever seen.


    Well, Calvin hurt himself afterward.

    I was not a fan of everything OL did, but without him playing a big role in getting WVU into the Big 12, WVU would be UConn today.


    Agreed Kevin.  Luck made some great moves and flubbed others.  Bill Stewart and staff recruited some great players, but not enough of them and didn’t use them well. Calvin jumped ship.  He had less credentials for the head job than Stew or Dana for that matter.  It’s all in the past anyway.  All we can do is move forward.  Huggs might have an unused rear view mirror if you want it.


    Luck was the power broker with contacts that got us a landing spot and remained relevance. That much really can’t be argued.

    His handling of the Stew situation was messy at best. I personally believe the move was necessary but how it went down was neither professional or smooth.


    I think Stew’s loyalty to Jeff Mullen was a major factor in OL looking to replace him. Mullen should’ve been replaced but Stew just couldn’t do it. Bill Stewart was a great man but just didn’t have the mean streak necessary to be a successful D-1 head coach.


    Mullen was a major factor Nicky. Boring, stagnant offense.


    Is Blaine still coaching in the nfl? (steelers)


    True Mex on both accounts. stew needed to move on but it should have been handled differently. Mullen was a horrible OC and Stew should bave replaced him.


    Mexman, your reply was spot on. Good post.


    I didn’t like how the Dana and Bill Stewart deal went down, and though it could have been better executed.

    I always believed that WVU would have been better served if, as this administration did did, get a proven coach at a lower classification.

    But, although, I was not in agreement with all of OL’s decisions, I think that WVU was much better off when he left than when he arrived.

    When the BE folded, we were all concerned that WVU have no place in power football, and would be become a non player in the game.

    IMO, OL was a major factor in getting the Mountaineers into the B-12. And I’m thankful that he became the new AD when he did.

    I’m not sure the school would have achieved the same results if that change hadn’t been made.

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