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    Anyone out there?




    Once in a while. Not much anymore!


    Hi Allen.  The name is Rip and I’m a recovering BGN reader.


    I am  also a recovering BGN reader.


    Where is all the traffic that was here on this site? I am wondering why it is so different, just due to getting off of rivals?


    I think most now hang out on 247. This one just kinda dried up.


    Dried Up? This is a brand new board. 247 was the original BGN before the Scout takeover then 247. It will take time for people to migrate back here.

    Just look at the free content given here. Significantly more free articles about all sports vs the other boards. 247 is going the way of Rivals and making most of their content premium. Even counting their premium content at both 247 and Rivals, neither have the number and quality of this board. BGN has many more contributors than either of the other boards. And Jeff Cobb’s recruiting updates are significantly better than the others.

    Dried Up? Only if you don’t show up. 😉


    Literally just popped in today to avoid some meaningless task (writing evals). Haven’t been around in a good long while….

    Yes Rip I still have my 03 Frontier and she’s running strong.


    Glad you stopped in. Don’t be a stranger. Even if it’s only for padding your posts.
    I still have my 04 Ranier. Only made them for a few years. 120k mi. original muffler, no leaks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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