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    Hey, here’s a thought!
    Since our strength is rebounding (Hugs admits it’s, probably a
    tongue in cheek though, because we have more opportunities
    from our missed shots) why not just try this?
    Play Culver and Oscar underneath along with three outside
    guards ala McBride, McNeil and Sherman. And just have them
    fire away with the Bigs going after the rebound!? What’s to lose?
    Maybe even three bigs under and two firing away? Haley or
    Mathews as one of the three for versatility where needed?
    The slight trade off of defense (if any) might be worth the gain
    of offense!
    Right now the offense consists mainly of post-ups requiring
    pin point passing (high turnover propensity) for two point
    opportunity attempts! With the possibility of “And ones”! Which
    is not much of an advantage with the low % file shooting!
    We don’t have the makeup to get into any running game , thus
    part of the reason our offense is part of our defense. Shorten
    the game with the post offense. But obviously, it needs tuned!

    Or else we get B&G News to charter a couple of jets and give free
    tickets and flights to all away games to anyone who goes!
    But this idea probably won’t fly either!
    (See what I did there)?


    Completely agree Tony

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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